Romantic Private Tour around the main monuments on a carriage in Florence

Romantic Private Tour around the main monuments on a carriage in Florence

2 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Celebrate love: Romantic Florence Tour around the main monuments on a carriage

Discover the romantic side of Florence, a city that has left many tourists entranced and enraptured by its splendid beauty. Let be guided by your guide on this tour, and know the romantic stories and the thwarted lovestories that relive in the alleys of Florence.

Romantic Florence activity around the main monuments on a carriage highlights: 

  • See Florence in a different light and not merely as just another tourist
  • The tour will take you through some of the most fascinating streets in the world as you view them comfortably seated in your carriage
  • Your guide will fill you in on not only the important and interesting facts about Florence but also various anecdotes on the latest Florentine events
  • Capture Florence in the best possible manner form your camera as the guides will show you exactly which pictures to take
  • All you need to do is sit back and enjoy with your partner and partake of the romance in the atmosphere

Romantic Florence activity around the main monuments on a carriage

Florence is one of the best romantic destination in the world. This city has left many tourists entranced and enraptured by its splendid beauty. Florence not only has stunning ancient, architecture created by man, it also boasts of having one of the most scenic locales in the world. In order to eXPerience the full beauty of a historically significant city like Florence within a day or so, there is nothing better than your romantic tour, to explore Florence in a different way.

Discover the historical city centre of Florence in a different way 

This 2-hour romantic private tour that you will be embarking on with us, will be like nothing you have ever experienced. The city of Florence has a romantic vibe with its quaint streets, pleasantly cool climate, picturesque sceneries and old world charm that reverberates from the ancient and splendid looking architectural structures.
It is not only easy to get lost among lanes of Florence but is a delight too as every nook and corner of the city feels relaxing, romantic and filled with beauty. Book this unique tour in the typical cobbled streets of Florence, for those who love the convenience and comfort without sacrificing time in the busy city traffic. A tour that combines tradition and elegance in a vintage horse-drawn carriage!

Book this romantic private tour by foot and carriage

You will be escorted by a professional and private guide to walk through the stunning streets of Piazza SS. Annunziata to the Cathedral, following which a nice little carriage will carry you and your partner from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Signoria. Your guide will enlighten you about the various works of Dante.
This romantic private tour by carriage is ideal for romantic moments full of excitement .This is the perfect activity for engaged couples or newlyweds who want to enjoy the view of Florence! In the midst of the crowd, you will enjoy a comfortable seat in which to explore Florence at the pace of trotting horses

Learn more about Florentine romantic stories

During the tour, your private and professional guide will tell you stories about the main charachters who lived in Florence in the past, focusing on lovestories: you will know the romantic side of Florence, discovering one of the most fascinating cities in the world in a different way, differently from usual touristic itineraries. 
Enjoy this unique tour through the narrow streets of the city center and along the romantic riverside, passing by major sights such as the Cathedral, Piazza Signoria, and Santa Croce. Enjoy it as you ride through the historic center, admiring Florence from a very special point of view!

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