Vintage Tour by Fiat 500 in the Chianti with Dinner

Vintage Tour by Fiat 500 in the Chianti with Dinner

5 h
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Drive a Vintage Fiat 500 around the Chianti with Dinner

The perfect romantic experience: a drive through the Tuscan hills in a vintage Fiat 500, and then a private, candlelit dinner in a renaissance Villa. Come enjoy the sunset over Florence and then a typical tuscan dinner, for an unforgettable evening in Italy.

Vintage experience by Fiat 500 in the Chianti with Dinner highlights: 

  • A personal, private and exclusive candlelit dinner with the choicest of foods and drink accompaniments
  • Dine in a restaurant solely booked for you and get waited on by a personal chef waiting at your beck and call
  • Drive a vintage Fiat 500 over the majestic rolling hills surrounding Florence
  • Enjoy the most romantic night of your life for as long as you can...
  • This unique picturesque eXPerience package, with a sunset 500 touring club experience

Vintage experience by Fiat 500 in the Chianti with Dinner

Tuscany and Florence are in the heart of history and art, but these places are actually dream romantic destinations waiting to happen. There is hardly anything more charming and romantic that a moonlit tour of the scenic cities in a vintage, sophisticated car which will be a treat to drive as well as be a co passenger in a view the visually spectacular hills roll by.

Visit Tuscany on board a vintage Fiat 500

The guide will take you through the most scenic hotspots of the cities that seem untouched and pristine so that you feel one with the nature and your loved one.
The smooth roads will take you through the hills around Florence and offer you the breathtaking views of pretty looking vineyards, cypress trees and Tuscan farmhouses. The gently curving roads are a joy to drive and each moment is like driving through a progression of postcards.

Taste a romantic dinner in a unique location!

It will feel like you are going through a series of well-made postcards. Before getting escorted to a Renaissance villa, you will be able to enjoy the sun setting over the Chianti landscape.
A personal local cook will specially prepare your Italian meal and you can end this eclusive and private tour with a beautiful stroll around the magnificent wine cellars and the manicured gardens.

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