Spring Tour in Florence: Aperitif with Cocktails and Tasting Session

Spring Tour in Florence: Aperitif with Cocktails and Tasting Session

2 h
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Session full of amazing flavor, taste cocktails and aperitifs from Tuscany

Experience the real sense of the easy life in Italy with an amazing experience in Florence. Participate in an exclusive activity in Florence and taste some traditional Italian cocktails while also sampling some typical Tuscan dishes in the charming atmosphere of the historical center of Florence.

Flavors of the Tuscany spring: tasting Cocktail and Aperitifs highlights: 

  • Visit Florence and eXPerience the true meaning of the typical Italian Aperitivo
  • Take a break from the attractions of Florence and indulge in a culinary experience
  • Taste three of the most delightful Italian cocktails and learn to make them
  • Sample a grand variety of typical Tuscan dishes and aperitifs to satisfy your lust
  • Experience the latest trend in Italian easy life mentality, the "aperidinner"

Flavors of the Tuscany spring: tasting Cocktail and Aperitifs

Come with us and discover one of the most charming and tasteful customs of Florence, trying the hottest new trend in culinary delights, coming from an old habit in Italy. You will have the chance to take part in an exciting event in Florence, an exclusive session of cocktails and tasting session, the new hit spreading in Tuscany, the "aperidinner".

The Aperitivo, a typical Italian ritual

The ritual of Aperitivo has a long tradition in the Italian peninsula, coming from the elegance of the 1920s and spreading in the entire world under different forms. During those times, this was a time for friends to grab a bite and hang around after work, before having the real dinner at home.
What better setting to have a modern Aperitivo than the fabulous center of Florence? We have now created an amazing experience in Florence, recreating the Aperitivo under a new form, with a 21st century twist, serving a piece of the Tuscan lifestyle under the form of cocktails.

Visit Florence and taste the authentic Italian flavours

People visiting Florence and its fascinating sights will have the chance to take part in a very tasty and exciting activity in the city. The historical center of Florence will be the background for an "aperidinner" experience, trying some special Italian cocktails and a collection of finger foods and other traditional specialties of Tuscany.

Taste three different Italian cocktails

You will get the chance to sample three different delicious Italian cocktails and learn how to make them so you can become your own bartender back home. Indulge in the latest trends of Italian cuisine and style right in the heart of Tuscany, taking a break from visiting the fascinating attractions of Florence.