Guided Tour of the Centre of Bologna, with Tasting of Typical Products

Guided Tour of the Centre of Bologna, with Tasting of Typical Products

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided Visit in the centre of Bologna with tasting tour of local products

Join our guided tour, dedicated to the gastronomic specialties of Bologna and its region. You will have the opportunity to discover this city, rich in history, culture and traditions. An experience between anecdotes and legends in historical eateries, and food tastings of typical products.

Guided Trip of the Centre of Bologna, with Tasting of Typical Products highlights: 

  • Discover the rich food and wine culture of Bologna
  • Visit the typical eateries in Bologna and learn their ancient traditions
  • Taste some the most renowned specialties of the Emilia-Romagna region
  • Explore Bologna to find the best eateries and the best local products
  • Observes the preparation of hand-made pasta, prepared with century-old methods

Guided Trip of the Centre of Bologna, with Tasting of Typical Products

With this food & wine tour you will have the opportunity to visit Bologna, discover its lively center and its monuments. You will also savor the delicacies of its cuisine, walking through its arcades and its beautiful streets.

Discover Bologna and its food culture

Get ready to discover and appreciate the unique, magical atmosphere of Bologna. This walking tour includes a guided visit of the city markets, stopping at some of the typical eateries in the historic center of Bologna.
Here, you will have opportunity to hear anecdotes, stories and legends related to food and to the culinary traditions of this region. You can enjoy a real lunch "on the road" made by many tastings of the best local products: cheese,sausage, chocolate, dried sausage and more.

Taste the culinary traditions of Bologna

After lunch, you will assist in the preparation of different shapes of pasta made by hand, pride of the city of Bologna.
The pasta makers will teach you techniques and tricks to create a perfect mixture and a thin, fully extended sheet, and at the end of the demonstration, you will see appear tortellini, lasagna and tagliatelle. It will be an excellent opportunity to learn an important tradition in the Italian food culture.

Explore the typical eateries of the historic center

Enjoy a day between ancient traditions and, in the afternoon, relax with a walk through the streets of Bologna between eateries and pubs dating back from the 13th and 14th centuries.
Inserted in the narrow medieval streets, these places exude an atmosphere from the past, always packed by affectionate local clients. As you breathe this typical Bolognese atmosphere you'll also get to taste some typical products in different places.