Top 5 beaches to visit in Italy

Top 5 (+1) beaches to visit in Italy

April 19, 2016 Corine Smith

When it comes to dreamy beaches with crystaline water and white sand, Italy boasts so many beautiful destination that  it would be difficult to select just few of them. There is much to consider when talking about Italy's stunning beaches. We have tried to select 5 (+1) pretty beaches in Italy you could uncover. 

Rabbit Beach in Sicily

Sicily is a mandatory stop for beach lovers, but we would particulartly suggest to head to Rabbit Beach, situated on the island of Lampedusa. It attracts many people, especially tourists thanks to its picturesque beauty. It is particularly a suitable place for families. As a matter of fact, it is a nice quiet beach with white sand and an amazing clear water. Besides, you can snorkel and see lots of colourful fish. When descending to the beach itself, you could have an excellent view along the way to the beach. Don't hesitate to visit this unique place ! If you wish to discover more about this fantastic region, we recommend our 8 days escorted tour to the Eolian islands

Top 5 beaches in Italy

Torre dell’Orso in Puglia

This wonderful place is situated in Italy in the province of Lecce. The beach of Torre dell’Orso is very clean. It is great for families, particularly for kids. With very fine white sand and a wonderful crystal blue water, this beach worth to be visited.Moreover, this is a wonderful place for romantic walks and perfect for paddling or kayaking. You could take a sunbath there. There are also tons of great beach bars where you can buy drinks, rent umbrellas and hire beach chairs. You could even take showers and use toilets there. Therefore, if you go to this stunning spot, you will appreciate it very much. Apulia has very much to offer for your summer holidays, so you can’t miss our 7 days tour to visit Apulia from Bari.

Top 5 beaches in Italy

Rochette beach in Tuscany

This beach is located about 7 km north from Castiglione della Pescaia in Tuscany. The beach itself is sandy and has rocky seabed. There truly is something for everyone in this place. It is a great beach where you can do any kind of water sports. By way of illustration, it is perfect for swimming, diving and snorkeling. In addition to that, you can surf there as much as you want. Little kids can have loads of fun by leasing pedalos. Travellers can find the sailboat of their dreams. If are you still looking for visiting more of Tuscany, one of the best ways of experiencing the variety of Tuscan landscapes is by hiring a vehicle.

Chia Beach in Sardinia

Sardinia is probably the heaven for beach lovers. The best way to not miss anything might be a tour of the South-West or South-East beaches in Sardinia. But, although it is not an easy task to select just one beach in this beautiful region, we choose the stunning Chia beach. Located in the southern coast, less than an hour by car from Cagliari, it is one of the Sardinian jems. You will be stunned by the turquoise color of the water and the sand colored like peaches. It is a perfect location for both families and young people and if you are lucky you will have the chance to admire the suggestive kitesurfing acrobatics across the sea, as Chia is one of the most popular kitesurfing beaches of Sardinia. If you are even luckier you might spot some dophins swimming in the sea!

The best beaches of Italy

Fornillo in the Amalfi Coast

When it comes to amazing coastline, it is mandatory to mention the Amalfi Coast. One of the most beautiful is Fornillo beach, an hidden secret place in Positano. It is a wonderful spot to enjoy the beach. In fact,. Fornillo beach is a quiet and peaceful place that is very advantageous. You can relax and unwind by the sea. There, you can find great amenities. You can spend your entire day basking in the sun. Find something to eat as there are many good food for you tasty. You can also get a spectacular view of the Amalfi coast’s iconic cliffs. Thus, you will have a lot of fun if you visit one of these great beaches in Italy. If you have short time to spend in Amalfi Coast, the best way to explore it is by guided tours with transfer included.

Top 5 beaches in Italy

Tropea in Calabria

Another top beach destination for most Italians is Tropea. This is situated within the province of Vibo Valentia in Southern Italy. It is a magical place with dramatic white cliffs and white sand. You can have a swim and snorkel in the clear water. You can find lots of places to eat. On the other hand, you can enjoy the scenery of the beautiful rocky coastline there. There is also a castle above the hill that you could visit in order to complement your stay. So don't miss out the natural beauty of this place. It is a must see for all beach lovers.

top 5 beaches in Italy
beaches in Italy

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Top 5 (+1) beaches to visit in Italy