Best 5 Tours in Chianti, in the heart of Tuscany

Best 5 Tours to Discover the Chianti, in the Heart of Tuscany

September 2, 2014 Enrico Catani

The Chianti, located in the very heart of Tuscany, is one of the most charming areas in Italy, as well as one of the most appreciated by visitors from all over the world. From a geographical point of view the boundaries of the Chianti are not clearly defined. However, its territory can be considered that between the provinces of Florence and Siena.
The lovely area of Chianti offers unique landscapes, characterized by rolling green hills dotted with small medieval villages, picturesque farmhouses, vast expanses of vineyards and olive groves. Visiting Chianti means immersing yourself in a place full of natural wonders, history and ancient traditions, such as the production of high-quality wine.
There are several ways to experience this unspoilt, authentic area of Tuscany. So, here is a list, made by ItalyXP, of the best 5 tours to discover Chianti that we would like to suggest you!

Tour of the Chianti villages and castles

Thanks to this tour of Chianti you will have the opportunity to eXPerience one of the most unspoilt and authentic sights of the area, moving from a place to another in the absolute comfort of a private transfer.
An expert tour guide will lead you to the discovery of those small villages with medieval origins, nestled atop the green rolling hills of Chianti. Those hidden gems dispersed in the Tuscan countryside, are characterized by a rich historic and artistic heritage and breathtaking views on the surrounding landscape.
You will travel through picturesque alleys, medieval castles, ancient churches and imposing fortresses, exploring the hilltop towns that still conserve the atmosphere of the past and where the pace of life has remained unchanged over the centuries: for example, Monteriggioni, a lovely town surrounded by 10 meters high walls and imposingtowers; or San Gimignano, famous for its 14 towers that have earned the town the nickname of the "Manhattan of Tuscany". 
But your tour of the Chianti wouldn’t be complete without a couple of stops at some typical wine-cellars and wineries, where you will have the opportunity to taste the renowned Chianti wine, produced since the 14th century with local grapes. Also, if desired, you can buy a few bottles to take home with you. The wine tasting will be accompanied by other typical Tuscan products, such as bruschetta (toasted bread with fresh tomatoes), cheese and delicious prosciutto.

Tour of Chianti by bike & electric bike

Enjoy a day outside with a tour of the Chianti by bike, immersing yourself in the green of the Chianti countryside.  Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a region full of history, culture and flavors, including visits to rural churches, castles, vineyards and more.
The tour starts in the morning, from Siena or San Gimignano, depending of what is better for you. Then, you can choose the mountain bike you prefer, and start your journey to this fascinating land, following the rhythm you want.
Ride through the streets surrounded by greenery, or through the lush countryside; and if you feel comfortable, you can even want to turn onto dirt roads and winding paths. Along the itinerary, you will admire ancient abbeys, rural churches, historical monuments and medieval castles of rare beauty.
This bike tour is not too difficult, and it can be enjoyed even by inexperienced cyclists. However, if you’re looking for an eXPerience that requires less effort, you might want to have a look at our tour by electric bike, departing from Florence towards the Chianti: thanks to the assisted-pedal of the electric-bike you can explore the treasures of Florence and those of Chianti in total relax, crossing a path of natural and artistic beauty.
Those tours by bike (normal and electric) are the best way to relax during your vacation, enriching your holiday in Tuscany with a unique experience of its kind.

Tour of Chianti by Vespa Scooter

With our Vespa tour you will have the opportunity to smoothly explore the Chianti aboard the legendary Scooter, authentic symbol of the “Made in Italy”. Thanks to this comfortable vehicle, in fact, you can easily move through the Tuscan countryside and the medieval villages of Chianti.
The Vespa Scooter is definitely one of the best ways to travel across the Tuscan hills, enjoying the fresh air and the breathtaking landscapes around you, accompanied just by the sound of the working farms. Take relaxing ride, driving your Vespa yourself (you must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver license), just like Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck in the movie-cult “Roman Holidays”. And of course, helmet, insurance and gasoline are included!
professional guide will lead you to the discovery of several small medieval villages located in the heart of Chianti, discovering their traditions and their historic heritage. Also, the tour includes an interesting visit to a local farm, where not only you can admire the traditional Tuscan way of life, but you can also have a lunch made of fresh local products. This tour by Vespa is the ideal choice for those who want to take a break from the hectic pace of the city, enjoying a relaxing excursion immersed in the nature.
Note: A valid driving licence is required and you must be at least 18 years old to ride a Vespa. Those who do not feel confident enough about riding on their own can opt for riding with an expert driver! 

Tour of Chianti by FIAT 500

Traveling around Tuscany aboard a legendary FIAT 500 is a fun-filled eXPerience that will make you breathe the authentic atmosphere of the Italian life-style. Our FIAT 500 tours depart from Florence to explore the Chianti and its wonders: the ideal mean of transport for families or for those who want to escape the heat and take a well deserved break from the urban hectic pace.
The tour of Chianti by FIAT 500 begins with a general introduction on this glorious car, authentic icon of the “Made in Italy”. The route winds through the hills of Chianti, along the scenic country-roads surrounded by ancient monasteries, farmhouses and avenue of cypress trees. Your expert guide will entertain you with stories and legends of these places, allowing you to fully eXPerience the atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside. Those roads are a joy to drive and each time seems to come directly from a photograph.
After several amazing stops we will head to a 15th century Renaissance villa, where you will find superb picnic set up for you in front of the swimming pool (towels are at disposal if you want to jump in!). The villa has its own production of award-winning red and white wine and olive oil. Here, you will enter the wine-cellars of the building, where you will enjoy a tasting session of local products, such as the Chianti wine and olive oil, served with a fantastic meal of Tuscan specialties.
This tour aboard a FIAT 500 with picnic and wine tasting is also available in a more exclusive version, with a longer and richer itinerary, including also an amazing lunch made of local products.
Furthermore, if you are lucky to be in Tuscany during the fall, you will have a wonderful surprise! Between September and November, in the Chianti vineyards there is great ferment, and you will have the opportunity to be part of it, with a Winemaking Tour aboard a FIAT 500: through this tour you will collect the grapes, then bring them in the baling chamber and you will learn the ancient technique of pressing of the grapes barefoot (so fun!).

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Horseback riding through the Chianti hillsides

The horseback riding tour in the Chianti countryside is a dream for all the equestrian and nature enthusiasts: an unforgettable adventure into the world of horses and the charming landscapes of Tuscany.
The Chianti is truly one of the most charming places in Italy, a romantic and intimate natural area with picturesque green rolling hills, filled with carefully cultivated vineyards and medieval towns. And to discover the beauty of this place there is nothing more authentic than a horseback riding class!
Aboard a minivan, we will take you to an historic riding school (one of the oldest in all of Tuscany), located in a quiet area surrounded by the countryside. Here, you can choose the horse you prefer to start your adventure, passing through lush vineyards, woods, olive groves and hills that offer breathtaking views you will never forget.
This exciting tour is perfect for both experts and beginners: in fact, the horseback riding class in Tuscany does not require prior experience with horses, as the professional staff of the school will teach you all you need to know and give precious details about these beautiful animals, making sure that you will feel safe throughout the duration of the itinerary.
All the equipment and gears are included and all you have to worry about is relax and having a great time: the riding includes both the training and a pleasant walk through the unforgettable scenery of Tuscany, as well as a typical lunch at a local farm.
If you’re looking for an active, pleasant, engaging and eco-friendly way to spend a day in Tuscany, have a look at this eXPerience brought by ItalyXP.

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Best 5 Tours to Discover the Chianti, in the Heart of Tuscany