Things to see and do with 3 days in Rome

Things to see and do with 3 days in Rome (for the 1st Time!)

July 24, 2014 Enrico Catani

Let’s start with a premise: Rome is a sort of open-air museum, an amazing city where every corner, every church and every square hide secrets, stories and legends to be discovered. No other city in the world can boast such a rich artistic and historical heritage. There are so many things to do and see that a month wouldn’t be enough. Maybe not even a year!
However, if you only have a few days but you still want to get a glimpse of the true essence of Rome, this is the article for you! We have created a 3-days itinerary that covers not only all the must-see iconic attractions (mostly monuments and squares), but also a couple of unique eXPeriences that will let you immerse in the authentic Roman atmosphere and traditions.
Before starting your awesome excursion, we recommend having a hearty breakfast (croissant and cappuccino are a must!) and bringing a bottle of water and the camera with you.
Also, if you have any concern about how to get to Rome, please note that we can provide a transfer service, from all the airports of Rome to the centre of Rome, and vice versa.



Why not beginning your Roman holidays with a great classic? As first thing to do, we recommend a visit to the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome, and the nearby Roman Forum, which is an impressive archeological are with ruins of the ancient Empire.
Such important places are best to be visited through a guided tour with skip-the-line tickets: you can choose a private tour, for a more intimate excursion where you can decide where to stop and how long, or in alternative a small-group tour and a group tour.

And for a great meal after touring the Forum, we suggest the Enoteca Provinciale Romana, just a few steps away from the exit of the archeological area. It uses only local (Roma produced) ingredients and offers a terrific view of the ruins across the street.
After the lunch, you can continuing exploring the surrounding area, which is charming place for a nice stroll and it has several lesser-known treasures to discover, such as the Trajan’s Market.


After a long walk through the ruins of an ancient civilization, we’d suggest taking a break, continuing to explore Rome with a sensational Panoramic Tour aboard a vintage car. Our professional, friendly chauffeur will drive around the most picturesque and fascinating places of Rome, giving you the opportunity to personalize the itinerary and stop wherever you want to take pictures and explore on your own. 

This kind of tours is also enjoyable in the evening, as the streets are more accessible and there is less traffic. Also, your expert driver will take you back to the hotel, or he will suggest you some nice places where you can have dinner, in any area of Rome you prefer!



The Monti district (subway station “Cavour”), not far from the Colosseum, is the ideal choice to have a first taste of the night life in Rome: it is an old area of little picturesque streets filled with both typical and ethnic restaurants, wine bars, night clubs and all kind of vintage boutiques.



Your trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Vatican City, the sovereign state located within the historic centre of Rome. The Vatican houses several treasures of inestimable value, such as the Saint Peter’s Basilica, known as the cradle of Christianity, located in the beautiful homonymous square; but also the Vatican Museums, the biggest museum complex in the world where you can admire the Sistine Chapel, an absolute masterpiece of art.
To optimize your time you might want to book a private guided tour with skip-the-line tickets, as you will be guided by an expert, learning a huge amount about art and history. Also, you will have the opportunity to tailor the tour as you like, moving at your own pace and asking for bathroom, or coffee breaks according to your own needs. Alternatively, you can choose a small-group tour and a group tour
If you want to know further information about how to visit the Vatican, for example where to eat nearby the main attractions avoiding “tourist traps”, you might be interested in this article.


The squares of Rome are a meeting place for both tourists and locals. Surrounded by Baroque and Renaissance buildings, the squares of Rome scatter the city with several points of architectural and historical interest.
And with the squares come also the fountains: monumental masterpieces each with its own artistic value.
A tour of the squares and fountains of Rome is an absolute must for any visitor. We can’t imagine a tourist coming to Rome for the first time and NOT visiting attractions such as the Trevi Fountain, the Piazza Navona or the Spanish Steps (just to make an example). To help you create an ideal itinerary, check out our top 10(+1) Fountains of Rome, on our blog… You won’t regret it!
Most tourists prefer to discover Rome’s main attractions on foot, as they are more free and independent. But if you’d like to optimize time and energy, having fun at the same time, we’d suggest taking into consideration also a tour of Rome’s squares by bike, for the sporty ones, or the fun-filled tour by Segway, to discover the Eternal City from an unusual point of view. 


There’s nothing like Rome by night,when the monuments are illuminated and the historic centre shines, exuding a magical atmosphere. There is no better way to eXPerience it then on a night walking tour: accompanied by a friendly, passionate guide, you will explore all those eternal places that become even more fascinating in the evening. Of course, similar night tours are also available by bike and by segway.



Generally, travelers want a to have a souvenir to take home with them that represents the places they have been, the things they have seen, and the memories they have made. And although most tourists might seek for tangible objects, we believe that also learning a special skill during your trip could represent a precious memento to take home. So, since Italy is the food capital of the world, the most characteristic thing you can learn is to cook as a skilled chef!
The Market Tour and Cooking Lesson is the ideal food eXPerience: you will meet your personal chef in the morning, at the “Tazza d’Oro” one of the best cafeterias in the city, right in front of the majestic Pantheon Temple. From there, you will begin a tour of the district and the best food markets, such as the enchanting Campo de’ Fiori. Here, you will look for the best ingredients for the following Cooking Lesson, in the Chef’s panoramic loft, where you will also have lunch. Also, you will learn about local specialties and seasonal food, and it will be a great opportunity to buy some special gastronomic souvenirs. 


The centre of Rome is composed of many picturesque districts, each with its own history and peculiarity. Among those, you cannot miss the Jewish Ghetto and Trastevere, on the other side of the Tiber River.
The Jewish Ghetto was founded by the Jewish community, which is one of the oldest in Rome. This area, once a poor ghetto, today has become a charming neighborhood that boasts a great cultural heritage and culinary traditions
The Trastever district is one of the liveliest areas of Rome, as well as one of the most beloved by both tourists and locals. It is a pleasure to get lost in the maze of narrow alleys, filled with nice restaurants and bars, as well as historic monuments of touristic interest.
To visit those districts at best, you can book a guided tour, which will also give you the opportunity to discover some splendid corners of the city, like the Tiber Island and the Theatre of Marcellus. Furthermore, nearby this itinerary is also the Ara Pacis, the stunning altar dedicated to the Roman goddess of Peace, enclosed in a modern, futuristic building: really worth a visit!

Both areas are filled with nice place for a typical aperitif, such as the Kosher Bistrot Caffè (in the Jewish Ghetto) or the Cantina Paradiso (in Trastevere): perfect for a pre-dinner drink with snack.


In Rome, there is no such thing as “too much food”, so to round off your holiday we can’t think about something better than a fabulous dinner with wine tasting session: in one of the most renowned winery in the historic centre of Rome, you will enjoy all of Italy's best delicacies: breads, cheeses, prosciutto, meats, pastas, and more… An expert sommelier will guide through this captivating culinary eXPerience you will want to repeat.

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Things to see and do with 3 days in Rome (for the 1st Time!)