The Best Golf Courses in Rome

Top Golf Courses in Rome

June 21, 2014 Enrico Catani

Golfing is something you can do everywhere in the world. In Rome you will discover that the courses are not only naturally lush in landscape, but also rich in history and culture.Golf is not the most popular sport in Italy, but those who love it, love it well. The courses and accompanying clubs are well maintained and are held to high standards. If you're a golf fan, you should definitely try at least one of these excellent courses while spending time in Rome.

Golf Club Parco di Roma

Parco di Roma is a beautiful golf course located inside the natural regional Park of Veio, a green belt which preserves both natural and historical culture in Rome.The logo of Parco di Roma includes the Castle of Torcrescenza, the beautiful medieval castle on top of the hill just up from the driving range. This course is a favorite among true golf-lovers. The putting green course itself can keep you entertained for hours, and when your clubs get dirty from the driving range, just rinse them off in the natural stream running through the greens straight down from a small waterfall.The course is expertly maintained, and the many hills throughout the course offer amazing views of the surrounding countryside. From a few holes you're guaranteed a view of St. Peter's dome.The course is of a more modern design, with sloped greens an array of elevation changes. As in many areas of Rome, you will discover ancient ruins, a tower, and of course, the castle.Have you ever been able to say that while playing golf?

Golf Club Parco di Roma

Parco de' Medici Golf Club

Parco de'Medici is named after Pope Leo X, the son of Lorenzo di'Medici (otherwise known as Lorenzo the Magnificent). Pope Leo X (1475-1521), also known as Giovanni de Medici, spent many of his days in a private hunting lodge that was later expanded by his successors and called the "Castle of the Popes".It is in the southern area of Rome called Magliana Vecchia, where today you will find the golf course of Parco de' Medici, and the accompanying Sheraton Golf Hotel & Resort.The golf course Parco de' Medici, with its clubhouse, is a sophisticated domain where the staff is kind and helpful. The clubhouse has a refined rustic charm. The course is flatter than others around Rome, with many beautiful lakes and willow trees throughout.

Parco dè Medici Golf Club

Olgiata Golf and Country Club

The Olgiata Golf and Country Club is inside a luxurious gated community full of extravegant villas.A welcome escape from the city, this natural paradise was once the estate of Dormello Olgiata, who raised champion racehourses. The area was later transformed into an impressive community including the championship golf course with its elegant clubhouse, and the riding club.The Olgiata club house is classy, and the course is classic. Old-style and in impeccable condition, the course went through a re-styling in 2011 where they added distance and a few lakes and creeks to make the course more challenging.The golf course is tree-lined and truly serene.

Castel Gandolfo Country Club

Castel Gandolfo Country Club is located in the scenic town of Castel Gandolfo just 15 miles south east of Rome.This town is well known for including the summer residence of the pope. Rome can become quite hot during the summer months, and the Castel Gandolfo offers a cool Mediterranean breeze for a nice retreat from the heat.The charming clubhouse is actually the seventeenth century villa built for Cardinal Flavio Chigi, nephew of Pope Alexander VII. It overlooks the crater of a volcano, which has been transformed into a beautiful golf course known for its unique layout that lays completely inside the crater.

Castel Gandolfo Country Club

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Top Golf Courses in Rome