Private Tour of Alberobellos vineyards and olive trees: lunch included

Private Tour of Alberobello's vineyards and olive trees: lunch included

4 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Accesible

Private Tour in Apulia: visit Alberobello and vineyards with tastings included

Discover the historical Alberobello in Apulia, its folklore traditions, the unique UNESCO trulli and how they were constructed. Youwill also visit a local vineyard for some sample tastings as well as a homemade lunch.

Private Trip of Alberobello's vineyards and trullo with lunch included highlights: 

  • A guided tour through the historical town of Alberobello
  • Discover the UNESCO trulli and how they were constructed
  • Visit a local vineyard for some wine tastings
  • Demonstration and preparation of orecchiette in a local farm
  • Enjoy a homemade lunch prepared with local products

Private Trip of Alberobello's vineyards and trullo with lunch included

Join us in the discovery of the folklore traditions and history of Alberobello as we visit the town. We will learn about the history and constructions methods of the UNESCO trulli and the ancient trullo church of Sant’ Antonio. In this tour we will be visiting a local vineyard for some local wine tastings. Later, we will partake in a cooking class at a farm followed by a lucnhprepared with homemade products.

The historical town of Alberobello

Alberobello was once an area of forestry filled with beautiful oak and beeches, from which derives the name Alberobello, literally means beautiful tree. It was discovered as fertile soil with potential agricultural landscape.
Soon after, the area became a settlement and many agricultural activities were performed. However, during the 14th century, there was a feud about taxation. As our expert guides you along the narrow passages of Alberobello, you will learn about the history and folklore traditions of how Alberobello came into existence. We will also take the opportunity to visit the only trullo church in Alberobello, Sant’Antonio.

The famous UNESCO Trulli

As you visit the commune of Alberobello, you can’t miss these white washed conical shaped roof along the narrow passages. They are called trullo. It was believed to have existed in the prehistoric age but the oldest trullo is at Alberobello, dating back to the 14th century.
It was first constructed with the intention of a temporary shelter and an agricultural storage house but soon afterward, it became a permanent home. Our expert guide will re-tell the story of how this ancient trulli came about and the construction methods in setting up a trullo.

Local Vineyard, Cooking lesson and an Italian dining experience at a local farm

During our tour, we will also divert our attention to visit a local vineyard for some sample tastings of the local wine. Experience the different varieties of wine grown in the fertile soil of the Apulian region.
There will be a demonstration and a cooking lesson on how to prepare one of Apulian traditional dish orecchiette, typical home-made pasta. After which, we will enjoy an Apulian lunch made with fresh local products.

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