Small group Cooking lesson of organic and home made pasta in Matera

Small group Cooking class of organic and home made pasta in Matera

1 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Private Cooking lesson of organic and home made pasta in Matera

Join us in Matera learning how to cook authentic Italian pasta with sauces that are made from scratch. At the end of the cooking class, savour your hard labour paired with Italian brewed espresso. You will also be given copies of the cooking recipes.

Small group Cooking lesson of organic and home made pasta in Matera highlights: 

  • Learn the authentic cooking style of the true Italian pasta
  • Cooking in the environment of the historical Matera
  • Discover the secrets of Lucanian cuisines
  • The Cooking class will be held in an Italian traditional restaurant in Sasso Barisano
  • Enjoy the fruits of your labour with dessert and Italian brewed espresso

Come and learn the authentic homemade Italian pasta and discover the organic way on how to make pasta sauces from scratch using products that are in season. Our cooking class is held in a traditional restaurant in Sasso Barisano. In this one-hour cooking class, you will learn 2 Italian recipes.

The historical town Matera

Known by such names as "Stone City" and "Underground City", Matera is mainly known for historic Sassi, which is one of the oldest residential areas in the world. Sasso Barisano is towards the northwest edge of the cliff and it has the most friezes carved portals that are hidden underground. The stones have been recognized in 1993 by UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is the first Southern Italian site to receive such recognition. Matera is the only place that reminiscent of ancient sites around Jerusalem and it was where The Passion of the Christ (2004) and The Nativity Story (2006) was filmed.


Sassi di Matera are the ancient cave dwellings of the ancient Lucanian people. It is believed to have originated from the prehistoric settlement and there are evidence that Sassi di Matera is where the first human settlements in Italy. The Sassi houses are dug out of the calcarenitic rock. Located on the slope of the La Gravina ravine that was once created by a river, the beauty of Sassi di Matera is unexplainable.

Cooking lessons in Sasso Barisano

The cooking lessons will be held at the restaurant "La Ptèj d 'Nadi' in Sasso Barisano, Matera. The duration of the lessons (in Italian and English) takes about an hour. You will learn how to make homemade Italian pasta with wheat flour and create two types of sauce from scratch using products that are in season. After which, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour with traditional Italian desserts and espresso.

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