Why Italy XP

Italy XP’s primary mission is to select the best activities in Italy in order to offer customers the highest quality services available so that every visit to Italy is unforgettable.

However, why should customers only choose Italy XP?
Because in this market Italy XP is the only company that is entirely Italian.
Italy XP is confident that no one else can advise customers better about Italy than Italians. This is our strength. It makes us credible in a landscape crowded with few authentic offers.
Explore Italy with those who are already passionate about it.
Because Italy XP personally vets its offers.
Our experience in the field of tourism is geared toward customer service. Italy XP tests every last offer to assure the highest quality levels for the client: only the best eXPeriences form part of our collection of offers.
Because Italy XP assures the best customer treatment.
We select directly our operators and cultivate a good relationship with them. This means Italy XP’s customers will always receive five-star treatment. Booking one of our private eXPeriences will make you feel like a true VIP: exclusive destinations, private tours, and many other excursions and adventures—all individually tailored for you.
Because Italy XP puts professional guides at its customers’ disposal.
Because at the end of the day, where you go and what you do matters less than how you do it. Thanks to Italy XP’s professional guides, every eXPerience will be your eXPerience, ensuring that you don’t miss out on a single detail of a holiday that will prove remarkable.
Because Italy XP is
easy to use.
We designed our web site to be user friendly for everyone: in just a few simple steps, from the comfort of your own home or on the go with your tablet or smart phone, you can book your own eXPerience. You can book at any time. Italy XP has a surprising array of offers that are continually being updated.
Because Italy XP
is transparent.
No hidden taxes, no mark ups, and no unpleasant surprises when the time comes to pay. Book worry free with Italy XP. Our system is 100% transparent: we provide a full itemization before asking for payment. In the end, having enough time to try all our eXPeriences could be your only problem.