Day Trip exploring the best of Verona from Lake Garda
Verona & Lake Garda

Full Day Tour of the best of Verona from Lake Garda

8 h
Day Trips & Excursions
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

One Day experience exploring the best of Verona from Lake Garda

Thanks to this Day Trip, you will get the chance to visit the city of Verona, leaving from Garda Lake. Take this chance to admire one of the most romantic cities of Northern Italy, made famous by Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet.

Day Trip exploring the best of Verona from Lake Garda highlights: 

  • Spend an unforgettable day in the most romantic city in Italy – Verona
  • Get the chance to learn more about the culture and history of this wonderful city
  • Get the unique opportunity to discover all the secrets of Romeo and Juliet’s love story
  • Witness the jewels of Verona: the Square of Lords, the Arena and Piazza Erbe
  • Have a shopping spree in Via Mazzini, one of the most elegant streets in Italy

Verona is known as the Italian city of love. This group tour from Lake Garda will make you live the most famous love story of all times. Also, you will be enriched by the history of this realm. The day trip from Garda Lake to Verona will open your eyes and your heart, preparing you for the adventure of your life.

Discover Love Once Again

You are about to spend an unforgettable day in one of the most romantic cities of Northern Italy. If you are staying on the Garda Lake, you cannot miss this day trip to Verona. The departure will take place from multiple pick-up points across the Garda Lake.
After you get on board, you will reach to Verona and get to discover all the romantic secrets of this beautiful city.
Juliet’s house will stand tall in front of you, making your heart tremble with joy.

History Is All Around You

Your tour leader will show you everything that the history of Verona has to offer you.
This European Renaissance jewel will uncover you the Square of Lords, known in Italy as Piazza dei Signori. The magnificent statue of Dante can be seen right in the middle of the square.
Next, the group tour will take you to the Arena, a beautiful Roman amphitheater in Piazza Bra. This monument is so well preserved, that it is still in use today.

Shopping with Class

After the group tour is over, you can enjoy the afternoon in one of the most elegant streets in Italy. Via Mazzini is the perfect place for a shopping session. You will get the opportunity to try on clothes from Italian and internationally renowned brands. If shopping is not for you, you could always walk the streets of this incredible city. Surprises are all around you!
In the evening, the group tour ends, and you shall return to Garda Lake. On your way home, you will definitely think about love and history, and how well they blend in the amazing city of Verona.

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