Small Group Tour of National Automobile Museum in Turin
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Small Group Tour of National Automobile Museum in Turin

1 h
min 30
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difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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Visit of the National Automobile Museum with tickets included

Turin’s National Automobile Museum is a playing field for car enthusiasts, which boasts a collection of 200 cars with numerous showcases of branded first cars. Plus The Documentation Centre consists of photographs, data sheets, construction diagrams and history of all types of cars. 

Small Group Tour of National Automobile Museum in Turin highlights: 

  • Be mesmerized by the beautiful scenography of the grand National Automobile Museum of Turin
  • Experience the charm of the car world from every era
  • View one of the largest car model collections in the world
  • Discover stories and histories of cars through the museum’s international collection
  • Avoid the queue with entry priorities and get the firsthand experiences on the interactive workstations

Small Group Tour of National Automobile Museum in Turin

Visit the Turin’s National Automobile Museum collections of 200 model cars from every era! There will be showcases of many of the branded first cars invented, as well as many documented photographs, data, diagrams and historical documents. Get interactive on the car workstations stimulations!

National Automobile Museum of Turin

National Automobile Museum boasts one of the most scenic scenery that allows young and old of motor enthusiasts to enjoy pure beauty of cars, engines, designs and brilliant minds behind the invention of automobiles. Step into the automobile history viewing the massive international collections of cars from various famous car brands and learn the ever-evolving technologies behind the masterminds. Do not miss out on the exhibitions!

What to see in National Automobile Museum

Our guide will accompany you throughout the journey with skip the line tickets: from the first experiments of the 1700s to the latest novelties in the design world. You will discover various generations of cars from every era, from the pioneering experiments of the world of motoring to the Benz of the late nineteenth century, from the famous Itala of 1907 to the first FIAT coupled with some of the most refined Roll Royce, the elegant Citroen DS, and first racing cars including exceptional Ferrari and the hippy models of the '70s.

Documentation Centre with interactive Workstations

A collection of 200 cars aren’t enough? Here in National Automobile Museum, there’s a vast collection of photographs, data sheet, construction diagrams, sale brochures and texts of locomotion history and brands for your viewing. Not only does the museum have documentation, we encourage visitors to try the interactive workstations for an even more enhancing experience and feel of driving these historical automobiles.

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