Walking tour of Rome on the steps of local legends and folklore

Walking tour of Rome on the steps of local legends and folklore

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Tour of the center of Rome, looking for legends and local folklore.

Roman spirit can be felt through out this journey through the city from pre - Roman age, Late Republic, Imperial than Middle Ages, renaissance and till modern time. Begin your journey with the urban legends and the Roman tradition. Hear all about mysterious stories, historic battles and culture.

About Rome: tour on the steps of local legends and folklore highlights: 

  • Visit Rome’s most hidden spots and discover the stories of these places.
  • Get engaged in cultural activities like visiting museums, monuments and churches.
  • Enter the house of Dante Alighieri, the genius behind the “Divine Comedy”.
  • Travel in the medieval time of Rome and relive all kinds of stories and scenarios.
  • Feel the Roman spirit through a local folklore walking tour.

About Rome: tour on the steps of local legends and folklore

Even from the beginning of time, Rome was all about variety, as the culture and customs were so varied. With this tour you will get to learn the stories and legends lying in the streets of the Eternal City, experiencing the city as a local.

What is just behind the corner?

The departure for the small group tour will take place in the Campo dei Fiori. Here, you can witness the streets that were formerly trade centers. Most of the crafts such as a tannery, chain factories, and umbrella making developed in this spot. Right in the middle of Campo dei Fiori you can see the statue of Giordano Bruno. In this part of the city, there is a Jewish ghetto which represents a historical importance for the formation of the Roman folklore. The tour guide will tell you all about some popular legends that have been passed from generation to generation. Leaving the Ghetto, the tour will go across the Tiberina island and its Asclepius Temple, which was known for centuries as Basilica Saint Bartolomeo.

Amazing churches

After the short stop in the Campo dei Fiori region, the group tour will move on to the central square of the Church Santa Maria Trastevere. This is known as one of the most beautiful byzantine mosaics. Also, the guide has a lot to tell you about its tradition and history. In the past, Trastevere was a region colonized by traders, sailors and travelers from all over the globe. For this reason, the area turned into a neighborhood that mixed a large variety of cuisines, languages, and traditions. Even to this day, you can observe the spirit of this place only by roaming on its streets, observing the different styles of the houses and squares.

A place filled with culture

Our small group tour will also make a visit back in time. We will “land” in the medieval time of Rome. The symbol of this era, “Comedia del Arte”, remained the same like in the mid 15th century. What makes it unique is the fact that it works only with given actors who are specialized in improvising. They perform on an open stage, impersonating characters like Trousers, Harlequin, Pulcinela, Colombio and so many others. The journey will finish in Piazza Trilussa, where we will visit the chambers of the famous poet Trilussa.

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