Food tour in Rome with Pizza Making class with a chef.

Food tour in Rome with Pizza Making class with a chef.

3 h
min 30
Walking Tours
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Semi private tour in the Market of Rome with cooking class

If you are interested in pizza and Italian cuisine, don’t miss this unique opportunity of discovering interesting things about Italian cuisine. Starting from one of the most vibrant piazzas of Rome you will learn essential tips about ingredients and cooking, and you will also prepare a pizza.

Small Group Food tour of Rome with Pizza Making class highlights: 

  • Visit one of the lively piazzas of Rome, Campo de’Fiori, where you can learn amazing things as you will speak to the local vendors.
  • Taste homemade and natural products, as you will visit the best local stores because this small group tour has ‘all inclusive food’ at all the stops you will have.
  • Prepare your own pizza with high-quality, natural ingredients in a real pizzeria, under the guidance of an Italian cook that will provide you vital tips for delicious foods.
  • Discover new places to eat, which you should not miss if you visit Rome. The expert that will guide you will provide you precious recommendations regarding the best restaurants and most delicious dishes.
  • Enjoy a friendly atmosphere, as there will be no more than 12 participants in this small group tour, and you can use this opportunity to ask our expert anything you want about the Italian cuisine.

Small Group Food tour of Rome with Pizza Making class

You have not been really in Italy until you experience a real market and learn how to cook some dishes! With this tour, be prepared to explore the most authentic soul of Rome and to cook a delicious, original pizza with a professional chef!

Delight in a large variety of flavors

As you will visit different locations and specialized food shops, you will be allowed to taste every single food or ingredient you want. You will benefit from food tastings anywhere you will go, so that you can feel the real flavor of natural ingredients, such as homemade olive oil, prosciutto crudo, parmesan, pecorino, and balsamic vinegar. While in Campo de’Fiori, don’t hesitate to speak with vendors and learn a few interesting things about the high-quality ingredients you could use later, when cooking. Here, you will find plenty of traditional food products from the countryside.

Prepare your own pizza

Pizza making is an important and also fun part of this small group tour. At a local pizzeria, you will cook your own pizza. For this, you will use only fresh ingredients, all from local sources. No matter if an adult or kid, this part of the tour will definitely be long remembered as a unique cooking experience.

Learn from an expert chef

Not only that your food expert will guide you while preparing your pizza, but he will also provide you essential cooking tips. Another important aspect is that you can ask any question regarding Italian cuisine. Furthermore, your cooking expert will give you important recommendations about restaurants and different Italian dishes. All these will prove to be a real help for you when you will be on your own.
Moreover, during the tour, you have the chance to learn more about how to choose high-quality ingredients and interesting facts about them.  For example, you will find out why are you not automatically offered parmesan for every type of pasta and if mozzarella di bufala actually comes from a buffalo. 

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