Guided Tour of the Colosseum for Kids

Guided Tour of the Colosseum for Kids

3 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Guided Tour of the Colosseum for Kids

Find out more about Rome's history and its mundane activities. Ever wondered how the ancient Romans had fun or what activities they did? Let our expert guides answer all the questions you might have. This unique tour of Rome for families is a pleasant and enjoyable activity that makes learning fun!

Guided Tour of the Colosseum for Kids highlights: 

  • More than just a classic tour of Rome… A unique eXPerience through history and myth!
  • Discover the treasures of the golden age of Rome in a special way, with fun insights into the ancient Roman daily life
  • Explore some of the best attractions of Rome like the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus
  • Find out how ancient Romans had fun and their recreational activities
  • Great family tour of Rome with insightful information and funny facts for kids

Guided Tour of the Colosseum for Kids

Visiting Rome is definitely one of the most unforgettable travel eXPeriences for anyone. But what do you do when you travel with children and they get tired or bored. We have the perfect solution for you, with this fun tour of Rome for kids and families. Discover the epic past of the city in a new and inspirational way. The Colosseum and Circus Maximus as you have never seen before! 
Find out how Ancient Romans had fun and what their recreational activities were. This exclusive tour includes both precious insights and cool historical details about the past of the Roman Empire, but also some fun and engaging activities in Rome, for both kids and adults.
Ancient romans were traditionally devoted to games and sports. This tour of Rome for families will take you to the most famous places where they used to have fun: the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus. You will relive the gladiator fights and the chariot races and go beyond the classic tours of Rome because you will get unusual insights into the history and the ancient Roman traditions. We will propose some educational and fun activities for your children, playing as the Romans did in the past! It will certainly be a special and captivating journey through history, culture and tradition.
Give your kids a special present and a chance to become fascinated with the magic history of Rome!

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