Travel advice from a specialist: to better plan your trip to Rome and Italy

Travel advice from a specialist: to better plan your trip to Rome and Italy

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Consulenza di viaggio per organizzare viaggi a Roma

Let us advise you on places to see and activities to do while you are in Rome!
Through consultation with a local in Rome, a true expert of the territory, who will listen to your ideal vacation and will help you make your trip to Rome to exceed every expectation!


  • We will provide many ideas and useful information about Rome, from ways to avoid the "tourist traps" to useful information on how to reach and visit the main monuments of Rome
  • We will provide information in advance about the possible itineraries and how to best optimize your time while visiting the city of Rome
  • You will receive a map of Rome made by ItalyXP with all the points of interest useful to visitors
  • We will provide advice on places to visit, from restaurants to the more exclusive bars of Rome, to the traditional markets to the less-known places
  • We will provide individualized travel consulting for one hour in English by a "local", equipped to help you with tips and ideas as you plan your visit to Rome

Consulenza di viaggio per pianificare la tua permanenza a Roma e in Italia

Need some advice on what to do, how to move around and how to best enjoy your experience in Rome? We have what you're looking for: our consulting for one hour in English by an expert, a Roman citizen and, therefore, a true insider of the city.
You will be guided during a full hour one-on-one consultation during which you can plan your holiday.
Is this your first trip to Rome?
No problem; we will advise you on the best ways to move around (from transportation to information about the main monuments), where to go (restaurants, bars, wine bars), how to save time and money and how to avoid those annoying "tourist traps".
In addition, you will receive our custom map of Rome that contains all the information you need.
On the other hand, if you love visiting Rome often, you can discover new places that are unknown to most tourists!
Let us guide you in the Rome that is less known so you can become a true Rome insider!