Private Food Tour in the Centre of Rome

Private Food Tour in the Centre of Rome

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
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We visited real purveyors and not tourist traps


Exclusive Private Food Tour of Rome

Discover why Italy has gained worldwide fame for its legendary cuisine. Get your five senses ready for unparalleled encounter with a variety of gourmet Italian foods and hidden culinary gems. Become acquainted with the extensive Roman culinary community through this carefully food experience.

Morning Food Tour in the Centre of Rome with private guide highlights: 

  • Embark on a curated Rome Food Tour
  • Eat Italian and visit traditional Italian restaurants, pizzerias, gelato shops, markets and more
  • Savor exquisite gourmet products and classic Italian staples
  • Learn how Italian cuisine became world-renowned and ubiquitously adored
  • Experience authentic Italian food like only a local could, with the help of your expert guide

Morning Food Tour in the Centre of Rome with private guide

Eat your way through Rome! As a tourist, it is often difficult to experience things like traditional cuisine like locals do - but with this private, gourmet food tour, you can do just that. We'll savor Italian flavors and breathe in the scent of freshly prepared food at restaurants, pizzerias, delis, bakeries, and gelato shops!

A private food tour of Rome to discover Italy's best food

Experience a curated selection of the best local establishments and hidden gems which sell and prepare food. Gain a unique insight into the passion Italians have for their food and the dedication with which they complete each step of the preparation process. All the while, discover the secrets of Italian cuisine and witness chefs at a variety of establishments work their magic.

Culinary tour, taste the Italian and Roman traditions about food

Focusing on food traditions, this private food tour will take you through every step of the preparation process. You'll visit markets and other facilities where food is sold and see firsthand how Italian chefs carefully select only the finest fresh ingredients. Next, you'll learn about the preparation process in a wide variety of establishments. Finally, learn how important the aspect of presentation is to the process of serving culinary creations in Italy. Feast your eyes on dishes presented with such meticulous beauty that they could be considered culinary works of art! 
Follow your private guide to numerous delis, pizzerias, and restaurants on our tour. We'll cover the best food in the city to give you a big picture of Roman cuisine. Of course we can't forget about dessert - we'll also visit pastry and gelato shops! Your expert guide is knowledgeable about local cuisine in a way that few others are, so enjoy what is sure to be an incredibly unique experience.

The best food tour in Rome

This food tour is perfect for those with a big appetite and insatiable curiosity. In addition to leading you on this amazing journey through Roman flavors, your guide can draw on his or her expertise to answer any questions you might have had about Italian cuisine. He or she will also be able to give you information about additional places to visit so that you can continue your culinary adventure even after the tour ends.
Don't miss this chance to get to know Italian cuisine on a deeper level. Meet some of the dedicated people whose work keeps Italy on the map as one of the world's finest destinations for gourmet, out-of-this-world cuisine.

Reviews of Private Food Tour in the Centre of Rome

Reviewed by John from United States

Francesco was awesome!

Excellent selection of high quality Italian meats, cheese, pasta, pastry, and gelato. A bit more walking than expected, but we visited real purveyors and not tourist traps.
Reviewed by Florian from Germany

Absolutely fabulous, great guide,great food

Francesco Grassa, was a wonderful person with great people skills we felt comfortable straight away, our lives are richer having met him. He took us to lovely artisan cafes and restaurants. Beppe for cheese and wine where the artisan is there cutting the most amazing cheeses we have tasted and we a family of cheese lovers. My first cannoli was at Nonna Vincenza and we have already been back to have more the next day. Many other places, beautiful food, beautiful people, beautiful buildings, amazing history. I would recommend this tour and Francesco to everyone.