Concert of Religious Music and visit to the church of Santa Maria

Concert of Religious Music and visit to the church of Santa Maria della Concezione and its crypt

1 h
min 10
Something different
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Concert of Sacred Music in the Cappuccini's Crypt in Rome

A visit to the Capuchin Crypt will make your adventures in Rome unconventional. Enjoy the music performances of Sistine Chapel by Palestrina, Arcadelt, Morales, Victoria, Pitoni, Agazzari, Gregorian chant performed live by "Schola Romana Ensemble" in the Crypt full of 4,000 Capuchin friar skulls.

Concert of Religious Music and visit to the church of Santa Maria highlights: 

  • Enjoy the strikingly queer Capuchin Crypt, filled and decorated by 4,000 Capuchin friar skulls
  • Soak in the unconventional experience of Rome in this Baroque music performances
  • Learn the histories of 17th century Santa Maria della Concezione Church
  • Witness the original Caravaggio’s painting of the Meditation of Saint Frances
  • A fully English guided tour through the Capuchin Museums and Santa Maria della Concezione Church with an art historian

Join a guided tour in English by an art historian, who will highlight the history of Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome, the six burial vaults of the Capuchin Crypt and Museums. And last but not least, we will view the original masterpiece of Carravaggio's painting of the Mediation of Saint Frances.

Santa Maria della Concezione

Commissioned by Pope Urban VIII, Santa Maria della Concezione was built in honour of Pope Urban VIII's brother, Cardinal Antonio Barbarini, who himself was a Capuchin friar. Until this day, the tomb of Antonio Barbarini is still preserved in front of the main altar of the Church. Yet, the most striking secret and bizarre decoration is hidden underground, the Capuchin Crypt in Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome.

Capuchin Crypt

As you walk down to the ossuary, there is undeniable uncommon sight of 4,000 Capuchin friar's skull decorating the crypt in six series of small burial vaults in Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome. At the order of Antonio Barbarini, the remains of the Capuchin friars are to be removed from the cemetery to the church's crypt. Skulls and bones of old friars are replaced by every new friar who is exhumed. Each motif are decorated by skulls and bones to create a religious symbolism for friars to reflect and pray, making it a macabre work of art. In the six different chambers of bones and skulls, each depicting an altar piece using different bones.

Baroque Live Concert in Capuchin Crypt

It is an unusual sight to see altarpieces decorated with human skulls and bones, albeit to create an ethereal atmosphere, a Baroque Live Concer  performed by Schola Romana Ensemble will deliver you the Renaissance musical era of the Gregorian Chant, Morales and many more polyphonic music in Santa Maria della Concezione in Rome.

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