How to make Gelato: Funny private Cooking lesson in Sorrento

How to make Gelato: Funny private Cooking lesson in Sorrento

2 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Home made Gelato: Private Cooking class in Sorrento

On this group tour, you will have the incredible opportunity of relishing Sorrento and its enchanting vibe! It's needless to say that Sorrento is the ideal location to participate in a gelato cooking class. Here, the preparation of gelato is perceived as art! And that comes as no surprise, does it?

How to make Gelato: Funny small group Cooking Class in Sorrento highlights: 

  • Discover the secrets of the preparation of the typical Italian gelato at a famous Gelateria in Sorrento
  • Witness the unique demonstration of gelato making, as it genuinely is, a masterpiece
  • Benefit from being given advice from the real master of gelato Mario, who will explain everything to you with patience and detail
  • Choose to taste some of the most delicious gelato flavors
  • Receive a certificate encompassing a set of delicious recipes for you to prepare at home

How to make Gelato: Funny small group Cooking Class in Sorrento

This experience will give you the chance to see Sorrento when the city is quieter, spending a different day than usual with the fun of homemade ice cream preparation.

Experience a unique activity in beautiful Sorrento

On this group tour, to make your stay in Sorrento even more remarkable, the cherry on top is to take part in a gelato cooking class. This unique activity, which is, at the same time, representative of Sorrento, is equally fun and educative. It will give you a real insight into Southern Italy, and the undying art of making gelato.

Find out why should you take part in an authentic gelato cooking class

Why should you be a part of this? Well, because you love ice cream. Who doesn't? It's one of the main summer pleasures. So why not learn the authentic recipes from the real gelato masters of Sorrento? One of the most famous Gelaterias is awaiting you to witness a live gelato cooking demonstration with Mario – the owner. On this group tour, you will receive detailed explanations on the ingredients a gelato needs, and the best techniques for obtaining the best, irresistible ice cream! The truth is that there's no way of mastering this art if you don't hear some tips from the mouth of the most experienced gelato masters. We've got that covered for you because you will find out the secrets of gelato, and how to enjoy one back at home! Imagine tasting a bit of Sorrento even after your lovely vacation is over!

Taste the best gelato in all Sorrento

A cooking class wouldn't be whole without some gelato tasting, would it? I thought you would agree! On this group tour, you can taste plenty of gelato flavors, which are prepared by experienced cooks. The working session will last about 2 hours, but the time will fly as you immerse in the divine realm of Italian Gelato. If you're not convinced yet, at the end of the lesson, you will be offered a graduation certificate. What does it include? An array of delicious gelato recipes – right from Sorrento's very best gelato makers.

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