Fashion tour: Personal Shopping experience in Milan

Fashion tour: Personal Shopping experience in Milan

3 h
Luxury & Shopping
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Fashion tour: Personal Shopping activity in the capital of fashion Milan

If you feel like you deserve some time to enjoy a day of shopping or if you just need to redefine your style for a special occasion, live the best experience in Milan, and let us realize all your dreams. 

Fashion activity: Personal Shopping experience in Milan highlights: 

  • Let our professional stylist guide you through the experience of personal shopping
  • The personal shopper experience comprehends a 3-hour-long unforgettable tour
  • Experience a day in one of the most luxurious and fashionable cities in the world
  • Receive advice on clothes and jewellery from a professional stylist
  • Find your style with this exclusive, deluxe experience in Milan

Fashion activity: Personal Shopping experience in Milan

Our service is designed to offer the best experience in one of the most exclusive capitals of fashion, Milan. You will enjoy the luxurious Milanese life while having the privilege of finding your own style!

A unique experience to enrich your holidays

Our professional stylist guide will be at your disposal during this three-hour tour (or more! If you want to spend a full-day immersed in style and fashion), she will donate her personal guidance in respect of your own style and necessities. The service we offer is the perfect way to be followed step by step by a professional stylist. In addition, it will give you the opportunity to explore the fantastic world of fashion in the shiny city of Milan.

Meet a professional personal shopper that will change your day

You won’t forget the experience and the competence that our professional stylist will be able to show. Your style and your knowledge of fashion will be forever changed, and all of your needs and wishes will be satisfied. Whether you need to be prepared for a formal or for an informal occasion, or if you just need to change your wardrobe, we will be able to find the perfect outfit for you.

Explore the magnificent city of Milan

Milan will be the background of the remarkable experience that we offer. You will be walking around the fascinating streets and the elegant Vittorio Emanuele gallery, just a few steps away from the beautiful Duomo, where the main Italian and international brands are located. Enjoy the Italian life and find your own style.