Food walking tour in Camogli
Genoa & Liguria

Food walking tour in Camogli

3 h
Food, Wine & nightlife
difficulty Easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Group walking tour in Camogli with food tasting

Boost your taste buds with lingering flavors of traditional Italian cuisines of Liguria .Spend 3 hours in the fishing village of Camogli, tasting from a classic salad of Camogli to savor 2 freshly made pasta with pesto and many more Ligurian delicacies! 

Tour of Camogli with tasting of traditional dishes highlights: 

  • Satisfy your hunger with traditional Liguria cuisines in Camogli
  • Admire the beauty of Camogli from the picturesque fishing village
  • Learn about Camogli’s agricultural practices and ingredients
  • Enjoy the traditional fresh Capponadda
  • Taste the 2 unique pasta dishes Pesto Trofie & Pansoti

Tour of Camogli with tasting of traditional dishes

Reach Camogli train station and meet your local guide there. Indulge yourself in the flavors of Liguria and enjoy a 3-hours walking tour in Camogli. Intensify the beauty of picturesque fishing village from the peak point and start your food hunting tour with traditional Capponadda. Stay for a while in Camogli’s small farm and learn facts about agricultural products. Satisfy your sweet tooth with 2 deliciously tasty pasta dishes (Pansoti & Pesto Trofie). Stop your feet at historic bakery and fill your stomach with soft & crunchy focaccia bread. End your tour with the specialty of Camogli “Fried Calamari.”

Colorful Picturesque Fishing Village

Experience the magnetism of Italy in the fishing village of Camogli at the end of Monte di Portofino. With spectacular multicolor houses and bright blue Ligurian Sea, this small town is a picturesque harbor. Located in the heart of Italian Riviera, it is little fortress at the peak of a rocky headland. Stay here for a while with your guide and enjoy its traditional salad Capponadda, which is a fresh salad made up of various ingredients such as eggs, tomato paste, olives, tuna, capers, garlic, etc. A very tasty dish full of typical local ingredients to be savored by looking around you and admiring the nature and beauty surrounding you.

Typical flavors of Camogli

After the first tasty stop of your walking tour, you will head to a small farm where you can learn all about honey production and, of course, taste what is produced right there. And after the sweetness of honey it will be time to taste two typical first courses of the Ligurian gastronomic tradition: trofie with pesto and pansotti in walnut sauce. Pesto, a basil sauce is indeed a very local specialty of Liguria which became famous all over the world.

Ligurian focaccia

Didn’t eat Focaccia Bread? Then your food hunting in Camogli is incomplete. You will then approach the best historic bakery of Camogli and the house of focaccia bread to feed your stomach with soft, crunchy & Camogli’s best focaccia bread.The food tasting tour is not over yet! You will end the 3-hours walking tour with savoring Fried Calamari, another Ligurian specialty!

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