Group Tour to the Center of Florence With Skip-the-Line Tickets of the Cathedral

Group Tour to the Center of Florence With Skip-the-Line Tickets of the Cathedral

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Skip the Line!

Group tour of the main attractions of Florence and entrance to the Duomo

 Enjoy this guided visit to Florence which will give you the chance tio visit the best monument of the city centre with an expert guide! You will also visit from the inside the famous Cathedral, accessing with skip the line tickets! 

Guided tour of the historic center of Florence with visit inside the Cathedral highlights: 

  • Join a fascinating group tour of the center of FLorence with a guide
  • Discover two thousand years of history packed in monuments and squares
  • Enjoy the comfort of skip-the-line tickets to visit the Cathedral of Florence
  • Feed your wanderlust as you travel through world-class architectural wonders
  • Admire incredibl attractions like Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria

Guided tour of the historic center of Florence with visit inside the Cathedral

Are you planning a visit to Florence? Terrific! Let’s help you make the best of your stay. Undoubtedly, your stay in Italy is incomplete without a visit to Florence. The infamous city of Renaissance, which is the home of prestigious artists including Leonardo Da Vinci, also doubles as home to a plethora of historical landmarks, world-class attractions, and monuments from two thousand years ago.

Fill Your Visit to Florence With Wonders at the Most Elegant Squares in Florence

Lying majestically in the heart of Italy, the angelic city of Florence boasts alluring sights and attractions to keep you awe-struck all day long. With this group tour to the center of Florence, you are sure to unravel the mysteries of this enchanting city in an unforgettable manner. 
Guided by an expert local, you get to fill your wanderlust as you travel through awe-inspiring squares and monuments of Florence. From the Republica Square to the infamous Florence Cathedral, this tour promises to be like no other. Grab your camera and try to keep your jaw from dropping.

Feel The Rhythm in The Center of Florence

Your group tour to the center of Florence is incomplete without a stop at the heartbeat of Florence. In this group tour, you get to explore the energetic Signoria Square – an open-air museum dominated by the imposing Palazzo Vecchio and the magnificent Loggia Dei Lanzi.
Here, you get to learn about the rich culture of Florence from the manifold of original statues lining the museum including the Rat of the Sabine Women crafted by Gianbologna and the Perseus by Cellini.

Explore the Wealth and Art at the Center of Florence

Your tour to the center of Florence, will then take you to the lively heart of the city: the imposing Cathedral with the Burnelleschi Dome! Where you get to unravel centuries of mysteries wrapped in the San Giovanni Square and the widely-celebrated Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore.
Rest assured you won’t get to deal with the long queues at the entrance of the Cathedral.The guide wil be with you to continue the tour isnide the Cathedral, showing you the masterpieces hosted in there. At ITALYXP, we ensure you spend every second of your visit to Florence actually unraveling the beauty of the city. 

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