Boboli Gardens Tour for Kids and Families, with Tickets included

Boboli Gardens Tour for Kids and Families, with Tickets included

2 h
min 30
Something different
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

Boboli Gardens entertaining Tour for Kids and Families, with Tickets included

Take a walk through the beautiful Boboli Gardens of Florence! You’ll discover the essence of Florence gardens while learning about the Italian nobles who once meandered through the same garden paths

Guided visit for families to Boboli Gardens, with tickets. highlights: 

  • Hear engaging stories about the Italian court and their leisure time in Florence gardens
  • Learn the genius behind Florence Gardens, including their architecture, design, and upkeep
  • See a variety of interesting statues from the zenith of Florence’s artistic era
  • Enjoy the historic architecture Boboli Garden’s buildings and fountains
  • Experience educational fun with your whole family in Boboli Gardens with a professional tour, including special worksheets for the kids

Guided visit for families to Boboli Gardens, with tickets.

Enjoy the beauty of the most quintessential Italian gardens! Florence is home to some of the most beautiful gardens in Italy, and Boboli Gardens are perhaps the most lovely of them all. Enjoy a tour with the whole family as you learn about the life of the Italian nobility in Florence and the art of designing Florence gardens.

Take a historical garden tour

Your visit to Boboli Gardens includes a professional tour! You will be led through the gardens by a professional art historian who is trained in a variety of teaching methods. As you go, you’ll be whisked away into the long-gone world of Florence’s nobility. Florence gardens are filled with stories and fascinating history that will capture your imagination!

Get a new appreciation for gardening

Get a crash course in historical landscaping as you meander through these Florence gardens. Boboli Gardens were carefully designed and are meticulously maintained. You will get to learn about the art, architecture, and upkeep of historic gardens and get a new appreciation for this ancient art form.

Enjoy learning designed for all ages

Your tour through Florence gardens is designed to engage all ages. As the adults in the group learn to share a learning environment with children, the kids will learn to think critically and creatively as their imaginations are stimulated. Everyone is allowed to voice their curiosity and ask questions! Visitors of all ages will enjoy learning about the lives and costumes of the nobles who once wandered Boboli Gardens, and children will enjoy the educational worksheets created just for them. To keep everyone happy during the tour, a basket of organic snacks and beverages will be provided.

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