Pre purchase

Purchase, booking, payment and confirmation

When will the transaction amount be charged to my credit card?

The amount will be charged to your credit card only when you receive your purchase confirmation via email and the voucher attached. back to top

Will a sum of money be blocked on my credit card upon purchase?

The purchase amount will be blocked on your credit card when your request has been forwarded, but it will be effectively charged only when we will send you the purchase confirmation via email and the voucher attached. In case of missed confirmation, the amount will be available again by X days. back to top

How do I know if my booking has been successful?

You will receive a confirmation email and the voucher attached by 48 hours at the longest (the time we need to receive the availability confirmation from our partners). We recommend printing it, bring it with you and showing it to our partner when the eXPerience starts. You can also show the electronic format voucher from your smartphone or tablet to our partner. You can get your voucher back right from our website in MyItalyXP section at any time. back to top

How do I book a group trip?

You can book every eXperience for a maximum number of people shown on the eXperience summary. If your group is composed of a higher number of people, send the details of your request to group@italyxp.com and our experts will answer to all your needs. back to top

Can I book an eXPerience right on the spot?

You can purchase ItalyXP Services only by internet. We suggest booking before your departure or in a suitable advance in order to avoid any possible inconvenience. Although our partners grant wide availabilities, the services offered by ItalyXP are very popular and can be rapidly sold out. back to top

What are payment conditions?

ItalyXP is a company operating totally online and uses an automated and safe booking system. For this reason, we only accept bookings against payment via credit card. After selecting the preferred eXPerience, the booking form will automatically appear. Here you can insert your credit card details. Once your booking request has been submitted and the eXperience has been confirmed, your credit card will be automatically charged. In the bank statement Italy eXperience appears as the transaction dealer. We can accept alternative terms of payment exceptionally only for groups. back to top

Where is my purchase history?

In MyItalyXP section, you will find your purchase history and download all your vouchers. back to top

I still do not have the exact travel dates. Can I book an eXPerience without telling the date when I will use the service?

Only in very few cases you cannot tell when you are going to enjoy the service upon booking. You can do this only when it is written in the eXPerience summary page upon booking. back to top

When will I receive the booking confirmation?

The confirmation process depend on our partners' booking conditions. A lot of eXPeriences are immediately confirmed upon booking, but there are other services that need 12-48 to confirm your booking. If you do not receive the confirmation within 48 hours, please contact our Customer Service in the provided section. back to top

A technical problem during the payment process via credit card occurred. What I have to do?

ItalyXP booking process is totally automated and all the transactions via credit card are 100% safe. If the error occurs right after inserting your credit card details and happens repeatedly, make sure your card is not expired or you did not exceed the spending monthly plafond. We also suggest ending the booking process with a different credit card. Please, contact our Customer Service if you need further information. back to top

Is the payment process via credit card safe?

ItalyXP uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, supported by Internet Explorer and all the other popular browsers. SSL encrypts your personal information, as password, address, phone number, personal or company credit card number. This cryptographic system allows a safer Internet purchase compared to the one made by telephone. back to top

I cannot access to my voucher link.

You just have to go to MyItalyXP section and download again your voucher. If you have a hard time in the download process, you can find the option of sending it again via email. back to top

It has passed 48 hours since I booked my eXPerience, but I still did not receive the confirmation.

ItalyXP does its best to ensure your purchase confirmation within 48 hours from your booking. However, in rare cases the confirmation needs longer times, especially during weekends and holidays. We suggest checking MyItalyXP section if your voucher is already available (this counts as a booking confirmation). Check the junk mail folder, our email could have gone in the spam folder by mistake. back to top

I am not sure my booking has been processed.

If you did not receive our confirmation email dealing with your booking request, check on the spam folder of your email account or access directly to to MyItalyXP section. If you do not find anything, please contact our Customer Service via email and tell your booking details, the name/s of person/people taking part in the eXPerience and the date of the service required. We will check if we actually received your booking request and we will send you what you need via email as soon as possible. back to top

I do not have the possibility to print my voucher, how can I do?

You can enjoy all ItalyXP eXPeriences by showing a voucher you previously saved on your smartphone or tablet or simply entering MyItalyXP section. back to top

Does the meeting point have a phone number to contact?

Off course. Once you get your booking confirmation, you will find on your ItalyXP voucher all the information about our partner's details, as the meeting point where the eXPerience takes place. back to top

Where do I have to show my voucher?

Voucher is a real admission ticket. Show it at the meeting point you find on the voucher, along with a valid identification document (identity card, driving license or passport) and enjoy your eXPerience. back to top

Can I purchase an eXPerience on behalf of another person?

Sure! You can purchase eXPeriences on behalf of anyone. In some eXPerience you will be asking to specify the name/s of whom will enjoy the service. This is a nice present idea for someone special.
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Cancellation/failed service use and refund

Is it possible to cancel my booking?

In the section "Terms and Conditions", you will find a complete description of ItalyXP Cancellation Policy. Generally, you can cancel your booking until few days prior the booking date without penalties. For some eXPeriences, however, there are different conditions. You can find them on the informative form of the eXPerience and on the voucher you will get as a booking confirmation. We suggest checking on it upon purchase. back to top

How long will it take to get my refund?

Normally within X working days we charge the reimbursable amount on your credit card. We suggest checking on the reimbursable amount (it varies according to the eXPeriences and to how much time prior the eXPerience you cancel your booking) on the eXperience informative page or on your voucher. In case of possible delays, do not hesitate to contact us via email at customers@italyxp.com. back to top

I asked for a refund but I did not receive any answer.

Normally we confirm your refund with an email within 48 hours from your request and we proceed re-crediting the reimbursable amount on your credit card by 20 working days.  If your request exceeds these terms we apologize and invite you to send an email to customers@italyxp.com
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What happens if I cancel my booking or if I do not show up?

Cancellation policy are specified on the informative form of the eXPerience and on the booking confirmation voucher. If you have any doubt on a particular eXPerience, we suggest to look carefully at the informative form (if you have not booked yet), or at your voucher. If you cannot show up at the appointment specified on your voucher, please contact our Customer Service. We inform our partner about the inconvenience. Under some circumstances, you can get a refund from your travel insurance. We suggest checking on your insurance policy and asking your agency for getting further details. back to top

What happens if I am slightly late?

We always suggest showing up at the meeting point of the eXperience at least 15 minutes before it starts. If it is a group eXperience we cannot wait for those customers that, due to difficulties, are late at the appointment. We do this in order to make those who came on time have the right to enjoy the eXperience in its entirety. We suggest contacting the emergency number on your voucher, so you can reach the group or, if possible, reschedule the date of your participation to the eXperience. Otherwise, if you book a "private" eXPerience, we suggest contacting the number you find on your voucher to get information on how reschedule a new appointment with the guide or reschedule your eXPerience.
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General info about ItalyXP

Where is your office in Italy?

Our company works only online, thus our offices are not open to public. Our Customer Service is at your complete disposable for any request for information you will not be able to find in the FAQ section. Moreover, you can find the phone number of the partner of the service chosen on every eXPerience voucher. back to top

I am a journalist and want to get more information about ItalyXP.

On the Media Page section you can find a lot of freely available news about ItalyXP. If you need further information, please contact media@italyXP.com and our Press Agency will be pleased to answer all your answers. back to top

I am a Tour Operator and want to collaborate with ItalyXP.

For collaborations or partnerships (ItalyXP Partnership Program included), go to the web page dedicated to partners, www.ItalyXP.com/en/partners. back to top

Can I make changes of my data on the registration form?

You just have to go to MyItalyXP section, check and change the information previously inserted.
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I forgot the username and password to access to the website. What can I do?

Go to the access page for whom is registered and insert your email clicking on the request for changing your password. back to top

Why ItalyXP?

ItalyXP is an Italian company providing touristic services and offering eXperiences within Italian boundaries only. This allows our customers to have direct and personal knowledge of what we offer in our portal ItalyXP. Being local allows us to constantly monitor the quality of our services and intervene promptly in case of inconvenience. The kind of services offered is the result of our personal knowledge of Italy and allows us to offer particular eXPeriences, resulting from passion and culture about local peculiarities. Our aim is to give the opportunity to enjoy Italy in all its distinctive traits and its curiosities. Believe us, there is so many wonders and different activities you can enjoy in Italy.
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Transfer Service

I will stay in an apartment, how can I use the Transfer Service?

ItalyXP, unlike other suppliers, offers this kind of service, but we need our customers' highest collaboration in order to avoid any inconveniences. Concerning this, please let us know the following details upon booking: address, street number of the pick-up place, and the name on the intercom of your apartment. Customers have to be found by the specific street number at the planned hour. We suggest keeping your mobile on upon purchase. back to top

How can I spot the driver/guide at the meeting point?

The driver will show a sign of ItalyXP where you can find your name on it. To spot your guide, follow carefully the directions on your voucher. To avoid any inconvenience we suggest keeping your mobile on upon purchase.
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Special offers/discounts/facilitations

Are there discounts or facilitations on the eXperiences (example, multiple purchases)?

Possible discounts are specified right on the informative page of the eXPerience (including multiple purchase).
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How to change your booking

I need to make changes of the booking of an eXPerience.

In some eXperiences we have to know the name of all participants, due to insurance reasons. If you have to change the names already inserted upon booking, send an email to customers@italyxp.com, attach the original voucher and specify the modifications you want to make. We will send you back the new voucher as soon as possible. The change request has to be forwarded to us by 24 before the eXPerience scheduled time. back to top

I would like to change my eXPerience date.

Not all the services can be changed in date after having received the booking confirmation and some of our services have very high cancellation fees. Anyway, for those eXPeriences where is specified the possibility of changing the date, write an email to customers@italyxp.com, we will send you back the new voucher as soon as possible. To avoid annoying inconveniences, we suggest paying careful attention to the document Terms and Conditions, available on every page of ItalyXP (on bottom of page).
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Information about eXPeriences

How can I get more information about an eXperience?

The informative forms of every single eXPerience offered by ItalyXP are made in collaboration with our partners and have the aim of being as much exhaustive as possible. But if you need further information, you can fill the online form. We will answer via email within 48 hours. If you have already purchased your voucher and need the information only on your eXPerience, please contact our partner by calling the reference number you find on your voucher. back to top

Are ItalyXP eXPerience suitable for kids?

Children are generally welcome to every eXPerience offered by ItalyXP. Possible disadvantages are specified in the informative form of each eXperience. back to top

Is this service be used by handicapped people?

You can clearly find on the informative page of every single eXperience and on your voucher if some eXperiences have possible disadvantage for handicapped people. back to top

Could overweight people have some problems in some eXperiences?

You can find on the informative page of every single eXPerience if there are possible disadvantages for overweight people. Here you will see how much physical effort a person with normal physical conditions have to make. We give you the final decision on whether enjoying or not the eXPerience, according to this information. back to top

Can I be taken to my hotel or to the city center after my tour?

Every tour has a specific meeting point and an end point. They are specified on the informative page of the eXPerience and on the voucher attached to the purchase confirmation email. If you need to be taken back to your hotel or another place of the city, you can book a transfer service among the ones available on our website ItalyXP.com.
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Is it possible to ask for a pick-up service at the airport?

In every eXPerience (informative page and voucher) is specified the meeting point. If you want to meet the partner in a different point, you can consider our transfer service as an additional service. back to top

Do I need special documents for this tour?

The person entitled to enjoy the eXperience has to bring with her/him the voucher and a valid document.
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Service use

Problems with the eXPerience (unexpected conditions)

What happens if it rains or cannot enjoy my tour for reasons attributable to my partner?

Every partner ensures its service as scheduled, unless weather conditions influenced directly the service you have booked. If a partner cancels the service you have booked, please let us know by contacting our Customer Service via email, specifying the service booked and the ItalyXP booking number (you can find on your voucher). Once we get all this information, we can proceed to refund the voucher. ItalyXP highly recommends specifying your mobile number to be reached in case of emergencies.
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Customer care

Do you have a Contact Number in case of need?

Sure, our Contact Center is available at +39 0656567418 With the following hours 9.30am 6.30pm working days For increasing the efficiency in solving possible problems or information requests, we suggest contacting directly the partner if you already have your voucher and if the problem or information only regards the enjoyment of the eXPerience. For all the other matters, please contact ItalyXP. back to top

I still did not receive any answer to my emails.

Check on your SPAM folder. Some email providers put ItalyXP emails in the "spam" folder by mistake. If you set a high anti-spam filter, you receive emails only from your personal contacts. Other emails (as the answers from Internet sites through which you made bookings) automatically go to the "spam" folder and remain there for some time before being permanently cancelled.
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Accidents and legal aid

Do you offer medical assistance in case of emergency?

It is not available a different kind of service different from the one normally offered by the Italian National Health Service. ItalyXP highly recommends subscribing a health insurance policy. back to top

Do you offer legal aid in case of emergency?

This kind of service is not available. ItalyXP recommends taking with you the emergency numbers generally available on the website of the Embassy of your own country in Italy to have all the suitable aid in your language. It might be useful to add to your health policy a coverage for possible legal expenses.
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Partner (info)

How do I check the quality of your services?

ItalyXP is an Italian company, thus, personally meets every single partner to carefully check on the quality of their services. You can also get some precious information from our customers' feedbacks. From their feedbacks, we decide whether to keep or not the collaboration with partners.
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Post service use


Where do I find customers' feedback on ItalyXP eXperiences?

ItalyXP is very pleased of getting its customers' opinions, both for being a precious help in improving our services and for being a useful source of information for future customers. On the informative page of eXPeriences you can get feedbacks from those who have already enjoyed that specific eXPerience. We invite you to give your contribution in improving our service and giving your personal opinion on MyItalyXP section. 
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I want to make a complaint

We are very sorry you have some problems using our services. We will do our best to minimize possible inconveniences. Please, contact customers@italyxp.com, we will do our  best to solve the problem as soon as possible.
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