5 tips to organize your trip to Italy

May 15, 2018 Francesca

Here we go, you are planning a trip to Italy! We all know that this is a country with countless attractions: art, culture, nature, excellent food and wine! So, it would take time to arrange a percet holiday to Italy and to get the necessary information. For example, you may want to know the ideal season for visiting each city or to be informed about the trasportation modes. 
It will be fun and not hard to organize at best a trip to Italy, but it will be important to consider some important key factors to let you enjoy a wonderful vacation. For those who wish to have an all-inclusive package, we suggest to have a look at our vacation packages all over Italy! 
How to plan your first trip to Italy? We listed here the most useful tips in arranging a vacation to Italy and what to bring with you during your stay!

1. Transportation

When travelling, the most stressful part could be to find the more efficient way of transportation, starting from the arrival at the airport to moving within the city.
For those who prefer a comfortable and relaxing way, we provide exclusive transfers with English speaking driver all over Italy, which can be useful especially with luggage from and to the Airports or Railway Stations.
For those who wish to move independently and to enjoy driving themselves in our beautiful cities, a valid alternative option would be to rent a scooter in advance. Especially in metropolis like Rome, Milan, and in towns by the sea, renting a scooter is the perfect idea to move easily in the city centre and to discover new places. (You know, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!)
For example, have you ever been to Lazzaretto beach in Sardinia? With this alternative way of moving, you will be able to reach on your own all the secret places you want, and you will see a lot more than the other tourists, like this wonderful beach.

how to organize a trip to Italy

2. Trip planning

How many days are you going to stay in Italy? Is your first time? How big is the city you’re going to?
Thinking about all these questions will help you to be prepared and not miss anything about your Italian experience. For this reason it is important to count on reliable tips by local travel experts, like us! According to your desires and your needs (which you can express by filling in this form) we create the perfect itinerary for you, including hotel, transportations and tours, giving you the best tips to enjoy your stay.
Being informed about the itinerary and about Italian culture means also looking for the best food during your vacation! As you probably will know, food is an unmissable experience when travelling to Italy!
For example, you cannot leave Rome without eating a “carbonara” or “amatriciana” in a trattoria in Rome, crowded with locals! That is what is called “diving into the culture” of Italy and its inhabitants. Food is sacred, and you will learn why!

how to organize a trip to Italy

3. Useful travel apps

Nowadays, disconnecting from the internet is impossible. But using  it as advantages is the best thing to do, especially during a vacation.
Before starting your trip, check the best travel apps. Each country has its own, so write down these Italian apps that can help you to move and to discover the city when you are in your destinations.
You know, be on time can be a hard work, especially talking about transportation. There are few apps that can be useful, one of these is Train Timetable Italy, where you can find all the updated timetables. For sure, you will need Google Maps, but don’t forget to check if the city where you’re staying has its own app for its roads and routes. If so, don’t hesitate to download it, it will be more detailed of Maps and it will probably include the timetable and details of the public transportation.
Many Italian cities are perfect even only to strolling around in the streets full of art and monuments or also to have some outdoor day trips in the nature. So you may want to be updated about the weather conditions to plan at best the day activities: that is why it is recommended to download a weather forecast app.
Don’t forget to download an app that will help you basic communication in Italian, like Word Reference. Here you will find useful words and phrases to speak a little bit of Italian.

how to organize a trip to Italy

4. Events in Italy

Trip planning also includes looking on the internet for special events or festivals that can make your stay even better.
Italy offers events, festivals, and concerts during all the year, that’s why having a list of the events in Italy can be useful to be prepared, and maybe to buy your entrance in advance and avoid queues and sold outs. Film Festivals, Carnival in Venice, the Palio of Siena and much big concerts in wonderful locations...some of these events are even a reason to come expressely to Italy!
For example, if you are a fashion addicted, for sure you won’t miss the Milan Fashion Week. Twice in a year, Milan hosts this international event and thousands of fashion lovers, and if you don’t want to miss it, you have to be prepared.
If you don’t want to miss any of these events, the thing to do is looking regularly at the official website of your city destination. You will find there a detailed and updated calendar of all the main events.

how to organize a trip to Italy

5. Studying Italian culture

The best part of enjoying a trip to Italy is feeling and living the atmosphere of the unique Italian culture and the habits of its inhabitants.
Walking in the city centre without a map, just following a tasty smell or your vibrations, that’s enough. Ordering a café in a bar and start talking with the elderly persons. They always will have a funny story to tell you, about Italy and its history.
If you want to have a preview of what you are going to live during your Italian holidays, here you are few movie titles, to prepare yourself  for a dive into Italian culture: “Divorzio all’italiana”, a view of Italy during the 60’s; “La dolce vita”, probably the most famous Italian movie in the world (yep, the Trevi fountain scene with Anita Ekberg is in this movie), “Amarcord”, a good way to learn how was the life in a borgo of a city in the centre of Italy at the beginning of the 30’s, and “La grande bellezza”, a movie about the contemporary upper class of Rome. You can find a list of 5 (+1) movies that have been filmed in Rome and that have represented in a unique way the eternal charm of the city and its treasures.

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5 tips to organize your trip to Italy