Top 5 (+1) wonderful places to visit in the Ligurian Coast

Top 5 (+1) wonderful places to visit in the Ligurian Coast

January 25, 2016 Enrico Catani

The region of Liguria, enclosed between the mountains and the crystal-clear sea is rich in natural treasures and offers to its visitors a wide variety of landscapes. But this land also boasts several wonderful towns and villages, perfectly merged in the wonderful scenery of the Coast, where you will be able to discover the Ligurian ancient traditions and culinary delights.
There are tons of beautiful places of great interest to visit in Liguria, but we have chosen our Top 5 (+1) destinations that must be on your next bucket list!

Top 5 (+1) wonderful places to visit in the Ligurian Coast

1. Genoa

Spending at least one day visiting the city of Genoa, capital of Liguria, is absolutely a prerequisite for any tourist visiting the region. Its historic center, one of the largest and most beautiful in Europe, and declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2006, is where all the major tourist attractions of the city are located.
Since ancient times Genoa has always been central in the commerce of Italy due to its big port, considered the most important port in the whole country. But the city also boasts an incredible heritage of arthistoryliteraturemusic and culinary tradition that has given the role of Capital European City of Culture in 2004
History-lovers will be amazed by the large complex of religious buildings, many of which were built as chapels of the main urban families. Among those, stand out the Cathedral of San Lorenzo, the Santissima Annunziata del Vasto and the Basilica of San Siro. Noteworthy are also Palazzo Ducale, the ancient harbor, the Teatro Carlo Felice and the famous Aquarium, which is probably the most famous attraction for both Italian and international tourists.

1.	Genoa

2. Cinque Terre

What can be said about the Cinque Terre is not that is one of the most beautiful places in Italy? Located on the Ligurian Coast this beautiful destination consists in five villages declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO for their beauty and historic importance.
You can reach the Cinque Terre with our full day guided tours, departing from Tuscany or from Milan: you’ll explore the beautiful village of Porto Venere, you’ll embark on a boat to reach the town of Monterosso sul Mare, situated on quaint natural bay, overlooked by an imposing castle, in the valley of the river Buranco.
And you’ll visit other amazing villages, perched upon the cliffs overlooking the sea, rich in history, culinary traditions and breathtaking sceneries. An experience not to be missed!

2.	Cinque Terre

3. Portofino

The picturesque village of Portofino is a real pearl in the Ligurian Coast. A characteristic village, characterized by beautiful squares and narrow streets full of colors and chic shops, which attract tourists from all over.
Portofino has an important natural heritage, as well as some religious architectural complexes worth-visiting, such as the famous Parish Church of San Martino, located in the oldest suburb, the church of San Giorgio and the Oratory of Our Lady of the Assumption. All better to be visited with an accredited tour guide, in order to discover all the secret and the origins of those monuments.
Also, the city houses various tourist and cultural events that are attended by important personalities from the world of culture and entertainment. Among those events, one of the most important is the Festival of San Giorgio, where you can experience the folklore and the delicious local cuisine of this region.

3.	Portofino

4. Camogli & San Fruttuoso

The lovely town of Camogli is the ideal destination for a romantic journey... Visitors will be amazed by the stunning sceneries on the sea, walking along the sea-walk on the harbor, drinking a glass of sparkling wine, eating camogliesi (Rum-based sweets) and waiting for the sunset.
After visiting Camogli, you can embark on one of the boats that will take you to San Fruttuoso, another picturesque town, located in the very center of the Regional Natural Park of Portofino
Nestled in the rugged Ligurian Coast, overlooking the crystal clear sea, the skyline of San Fruttuoso is characterized by the ancient Abbey of San Fruttuoso, dating back from the year one thousand. Right below the Abbey is a picturesque beach, and nearby is a church, the Tower of Doria and a few fishermen's cottages: all those elements, surrounded by dark green pines, create a unique fascinating background that exudes a magical atmosphere from the past.
Camogli and San Fruttuoso are truly relaxing places, where visitors can take a break from the hectic pace of the city and you can enjoy an amazing holiday between great food and exciting excursions.

4.	Camogli & San Fruttuoso

5. Portovenere

The town of Portovenere is one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations for those traveling through the wonders of the Ligurian region.
Since 1997, this picturesque village has been declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO, along with the islands of PalmariaTinoTinetto and the Cinque Terre. The historic center of Portovenere is rich in natural heritage but also in religious architectural complexes to be admired, such as the impressive parish church of San Lorenzo, the Sanctuary of the Madonna and the White the Church of San Pietro, built in Genoese gothic style, perched on the rock of the promontory of Porto Venere. All better to be visited with an accredited tour guide.
Among the most charming natural places, stand out the caves of ByronRiviera and Tinetto, which you can visit with a fun-filled excursion.

5.	Portovenere

(+1). Dolceacqua & Apricale

Also called the "land of the artists" but also the "land of the Sun" because of its wonderful location, overlooking a hill right in the middle of olive trees, Apricale is one of the most representative and well-preserved medieval villages in the Ligurian Coast.
Between stone alleys framed by several murals and picturesque squares, visitors will breathe a timeless atmosphere with no equal. Make sure to visit the Castle of the Lizard with its important museum annex.
Nearby is located the town of Dolceacqua, divided in two by the Nervia River (hence the name of the entire valley). Characteristic is the medieval bridge with a single arch that is the symbol of the town, along the ancient castle that, especially in summer, is a venue for concerts and events.

(+1).	Dolceacqua & Apricale

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