Things to see and do with 3 days in Florence

Things to see and do with 3 days in Florence (for the 1st Time!)

August 14, 2014 Enrico Catani

Being one of the art and cultural centers of the world, Florence has always been an extremely popular travel land. Surrounded by the characteristic green rolling hills of Tuscany, the city is mostly famous for its compact historic centre, where lie most of the splendid squares and monuments. Also, in Florence there are some museums among the most important in the world, such as the universally-famous Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery, both hosting collections of outstanding works of art.
Although its dimensions are actually quite small, Florence offers so many things to see and do that you might need a month to explore it thoroughly. However, if you only have a couple of days and you still want to get a glimpse of the true essence of Florence, this is the article for you! We have created a 3-days itinerary that covers not only all the must-see iconic attractions, but also a couple of unique eXPeriences out of the ordinary, you shouldn’t miss.
Before starting your awesome excursion, we recommend having a hearty breakfast (croissant and cappuccino are a must!) and bringing a bottle of water and the camera with you.
Also, if you have any concern about reaching Florence, please note that we can provide a transfer service from the Florence airport to the city centre and vice versa, but also from the Livorno Port (the closest port) and vice versa.


The best way to start your Florentine holidays is definitely with an intensive visit to all the major attractions of the city. We are talking about those monuments, churches and squares that have made Florence so famous around the world and that have given the city the nickname of “the Cradle of Renaissance”.
Such important places are best to be visited through a guided tour with skip-the-line tickets, which will give you the opportunity to visit both, open-air and indoor landmarks of Florence, such as the Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Bell Tower, but also the Piazzale Michelangelo, an elevated square from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view with terrific picture opportunities.
You can choose a private tour, for a more intimate excursion where you can decide where to stop and how long, or in alternative a group tour, which is shorter and so ideal if you want to have a brief introduction to this cultural gem of Italy.

For the lunch, we suggest to find a place around the Piazza della Signoria: not only to admire this amazing square, one of the most beautiful in all of Florence, but also because there are lots of nice eateries where you can taste some delicious local products.
This area is also close to the Uffizi Palace, where is held the greatest museum complex in the city, so here you go! Let’s just say that a tour of the Uffizi Gallery is almost a prerequisite to any visitor in Florence: its collections of paintings contain some absolute masterpieces made by the greatest artists of all time, such as Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Piero della Francesca and so on.
This enchanting tour will be in small-group and the skip-the-line tickets will permit you to avoid the annoying, eternal lines of tourists that crowd the entrance every day. Also, the itinerary also includes a visit to the Vasari Corridor: an elevated pas sage-way that houses some of the greatest art works in Florence (but that can only be visited only through a guided tour of the Uffizi).
For a nice evening stroll we suggest to pass along the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge of Florence, which is particularly beautiful with the night illumination. And when you feel hungry, you can stay in this area and have dinner at the nearby Buca dell’Orafo, a nice traditional restaurant that serves local cuisine and the universally-famous Florentine steak, thick and juicy as it should be! 


One of the best ways to explore Florence is riding a bicycle: the urban structure of the city is perfect for a tour on two wheels, through which you’ll discover the most picturesque alleys and squares. In particular, our amazing tour by bike with cultural visit will give you the opportunity to enter the Accademia Gallery and see the exceptional David of Michelangelo, absolute Renaissance masterpiece.
There are a variety of parks in the central area of Florence: from the vast green meadows, to the monumental gardens decorated with fountains and monuments. Some of those green oases are marvelous and a must-see to discover another aspect of the city. 
One of the best green spaces in the historic centre is the Garden of Palazzo Vivarelli Colonna: enclosed by the high walls of the monumental building, it is an 18th century gem hidden in the urban fabric. In its interior it houses several splendid works of art, and its quietude makes it an ideal place for relax. Also, among the must-see parks in Florence we must mention the historic Boboli Gardens, which boasts an amazing collection of sculptures and Roman antiquities, and the lesser-known Bardini Gardens, located inside the homonymous villa, best to be visited through a guided tour, which offers one of the most beautiful views of the city landscape

Walking around Florence under the light of the moon and the gentle streetlights is always an enchanting eXPerience, for both tourists and locals. You can see a different city than by day, as you explore the silentstreets and admire the illuminated monuments. 
Moreover, this eXPerience can be even more interesting riding a fun-filled Segway through the city. Our night tour by Segway offers a short orientation session to get confident with it and a fantastic itinerary that includes the beautiful Piazza della Repubblica, the Basilica of Santa Croce, thePitti Palace, as well as some lesser-known monuments. 


Any food lover is likely going to love Florence and its cuisine. The Florentines, like most Italians, have a very important relationship with their culinary traditions. They have very strict rules about what can be eaten when, with what accompaniments and in what particular order. If you want to learn something about the Florentine food, we suggest a Food Walking Tour: a unique opportunity to discover some of the best eateries and markets in the historic centre and taste renowned Florentine delicacies and local products, including olive oil, cheese, prosciutto, gelato and more.

The Arno River is an icon of Florence and the entire Tuscany region. Together with the Tiber River (that flows through Rome), it is the most vitally important river in central Italy. Over the centuries, it has been crucial to the development of finance and trade in the region, and even today much of the activities are centered on this vital waterway.  
The river can be thoroughly explored with a boat tour, through which you can admire all the major attractions of the city, lined along the banks, from a different point of view. A romantic eXPerience, best to be enjoyed at sunset!
And if you are into romantic tours at sunset another eXPerience you should try is the tour aboard a traditional carriage: a different and vintage way to breathe the magical atmosphere of Florence, as you’re guided through the most picturesque squares and alleys of the city.

The Santo Spirito district is definitely a place to visit in Florence: located in the south of the historic centre, in the area called "Oltrarno" (meaning “over the Arno River”), it has in its center the beautiful Piazza Santo Spirito where often area flea markets. During the day you can visit the Basilica of Santo Spirito, but in the evening is the ideal place for a nice dinner in one of the several typical restaurants (and perhaps finish the day with a drink, sit in the squares as Florentines usually do).
Among the places we suggest for dinner is the pizzeria O’Muncaciello, just a few steps from Piazza Santo Spirito. This restaurant is in the former Convent of the Holy Spirit and offers delicious pizza and good recipes of the Florentine cuisine.
Another place not miss is the Osteria Tripperia – il Magazzino, which offers typical Florentine cuisine, mostly based on offal. If you are willing to try some interesting recipes that can only be tasted in Florence this restaurant is a must! 

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Things to see and do with 3 days in Florence (for the 1st Time!)