2-hours Tour of the Centre of Bari, with Food Tasting

2-hours Tour of the Centre of Bari, with Food Tasting

2 h
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difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible

2-hours Food and Walk experience around Bari Landscapes

Discover the core spirit of southern Italy – the place characterized by ancient tradition, delicious food, and timeless hospitality. A walking tour of Bari will enable you to taste an ounce of Italy, and explore this beautiful spot – expect to admire picturesque landscapes and imposing cathedrals!

2-hours private tour of Bari's Historical Centre, with Food Tasting highlights: 

  • Participate in a multilingual, customized walking tour, to personalize your experience in Bari
  • Wander through the beautiful streets of the old town, which are featured by ancient history and a laidback feel
  • Savor some of the most delicious traditional products
  • Delve in the unique atmosphere of the city, which is easygoing and relaxed
  • Uncover the modern, French section of the city, which is characterized by a distinctive feel, yet equally alluring

2-hours private tour of Bari's Historical Centre, with Food Tasting

Take pleasure in admiring Bari and its quintessential historic appearance. The place is infused with history, as it belonged to the Romans, and afterward to the Saracens, and in the 11th century, it was invaded by the Normans. Its turbulent history is mirrored in the architecture of the historic center – Barivecchia, the heart of the city, which overlooks the Adriatic Sea.

Walking tour experience in the unique Bari

Our tourcommences with the assistance of a multilingual guide, who will help you discover the heart of Bari. You’ll benefit from luggage storage and transfer service, together with WI-FI service.
One of the monuments that are mostly appreciated around the world is Basilica of St. Nicholas. This is the place where thousands of Christians – both Orthodox and Catholic adepts – come in pilgrimage, as the settlement hosts the earthly remains of St. Nicholas. It was established in the 11th century and incorporates remarkable sculptural work of the Romanesque architecture. The façade of the sanctuary is imposing and austere, being decorated with carvings that are influenced by Byzantine, Arabian and Classic architecture styles.

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The walking tour continues to another equally important monument – the ancient Cathedral of San Sabino. The Metropolitan Cathedral of San Sabino is another segment of Bari’s extensive history. It was constructed in the 11th century, being an outstanding example of Romanesque style. Additionally, it’s reckoned that its undergrounds have preserved some of the most significant archeological traces dating back to the Roman period. An equally important monument is Castello Svevo, which has its origins back in 1132, being built by the conqueror of Bari, who was of Norman origin. During its history, it was destroyed, and reconstructed for several times, and during the 20th century, it was used as a prison. However, at the moment, Castello Svevo holds a museum of sculptural treasures.

Discover Bari – the heart of southern Italy

On this walking tour, you’ll certainly get the chance to observe the lifestyle of the locals, with children playing carelessly. We’ll end our tourby visiting the French part of the city, which has modern characteristics – having luxurious streets, and imposing theaters, not to mention the one and only monumental waterfront. You can’t miss savoring a couple of traditional products you’ll find at the local fish market. All in all, our touris an insight into the typical Italian lifestyle.