Full Day Private Tour from Bari to Matera

Full Day Private Tour from Bari to Matera

8 h
Tours on wheels
difficulty Very easy
Wheelchair Not Accessible
Pick up included

Excursion to Matera from bari with a private driver

Enjoy a private day trip from Bari to discover Matera, one of the most peculiar cities of Italy. You will have the chance to spend time in the famous "sassi", the ancient cave dwellings where now houses are dug out of the calcarenitic rock.  It will be an unforgettable eXPerience!

One day trip to Matera departing from Bari highlights: 

  • Full day trip from Bari to Matera to discover a town which is unique in the world
  • Visit Sassi de Matera and discover its heritage and culture
  • Take a walk in the peculiar alleys of Sasso Barisano
  • Enjoy a day in full relax with private transportation
  • Get the chance to visit the European city of culture 2019

One day trip to Matera departing from Bari

The full day private tour from Bari to Matera is an adventure that you will never forget in a hurry if you choose to go along. On this tour, you will get a chance to see some of the most beautiful sights on the way to Matera after your departure from Bari

Capture the moment from Bari to Matera

The full day private tour will start with a pick-up from your location in Bari. Your pick-up location can be your hotel, the port if you are arriving on a cruise ship, or any other part of the City. Your private driver will then take you through what will later become a lifetime adventure. You will enjoy a comfortable trip onboard a fully equipped car and with an expert English-speaking driver. As you arrive in Matera, you will have free time to explore this very peculiar city. 

Explore an ancient city

Discovering Matera will leave you speechless. It has been recognized UNESCO Heritage Site in 1993 and it is the European city of culture in 2019. This is an historic town that is famous for having lots of golden stones and ancient houses. The site was supposedly founded by the Romans during the 3rd Century and since then the city has maintained its heritage. Some of the amazing sites you will get to visit at UNESCO World Heritage Site are Sassi de Matera, which is ancient cave dwellings of the ancient Lucanian people.

Sassi of Matera and other attractions

Sassi di Matera, divided into "Sasso Barisano" and "Sasso Caveoso" is the oldest part of the city caverns and labyrinths carved literally in the rock alternate with houses. The alleys are very picturesque and represent the true soul of Italian province. You can decide whether to visit the attractions such as the Cathedral, the picturesque "Rock churches" or to just walk in the town. The cuisine of this area is also very good, so a lunch or a snack with the famous bread of Matera is highly recommended! 
At the end of the tour the driver will take you back to Bari, dropping you off where you prefer. 

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