Palace of Venaria

Palace of Venaria

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Turin is certainly among the richest cities in terms of cultural and artistic treasures. Equipped with an excellent architectural heritage, among its many historic buildings and monuments is also the famous Venaria Palace.
It was built between 1658 and 1679 by architect Amedeo di Castellamonte, commissioned by Duke Carlo Emanuele II and became one of the main Savoy residences in Piedmont, undergoing numerous renovations and changes that have given it its present appearance.
The Royal Palace of Venaria is now among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, representing a must-see for those who are visiting Turin.

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Tour guiado del Castillo de Venaria y sus jardines Únete a nosotros para descubrir las espléndidas salas barrocas y los jardines del Castillo de Venaria. Conoce la historia de la vida en la corte de Venaria Reale, las costumbres y la importancia de cada sala. No te pierdas los tesoros barrocos. Pasea por los impresionantes jardines.
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