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Among its many cultural treasures, Turin definitely boasts the famous Egyptian Museum, which - like the one in Cairo - is exclusively dedicated to art and culture of ancient Egypt.
This Egyptian heritage presents a set of collections that have overlapped in time, to which must be added the discoveries made as a result of excavations carried out in Egypt by the Italian Archaeological Mission between 1900 and 1935.
Within it, the Egyptian Museum also has a vast library, which support the activity of scientific research with open access to all those who want to gather information, for pleasure or for work. The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities today displays about 3,300 items.

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Tour en grupo reducido al Museo Egipcio de Turín con entradas sin esperas Unete a este tour y visita el segundo Museo Egipcio mas importante del mundo dedicado a las Antigüedades Egipcias. Pasea entre colosales estatuas, momias y amuletos y hazte experto en las creencias religiosas, el estilo de vida y las tradiciones del Nilo y la tierra de los Faraones!
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Tour guiado a pie del centro de Turín y el Museo Egipcio con entradas sin esperas Tour guiado para descubrir el centro de Turin, saliendo de Piazza Castello y cruzando el Quadrilatero Romano. Parada fundamental del tour: el Museo Egipcio, el segundo del mundo después del Museo de El Cairo, con entradas sin esperas.
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