Tour Privado a una de las galerías mas importantes de Roma: La Galería Borghese

Tour Privado a una de las galerías mas importantes de Roma: La Galería Borghese

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Completely surpassed our high expectations...

Sin esperas!

Paseo privado guiado por la galería Borghese para descubrir sus obras de arte

Descubre la colección privada de arte más importante del mundo en pleno corazón de Roma. ¡Contempla obras maestras de Tiziano, Rafael, Caravaggio, Bernini y otros en este extraordinario tour privado por la Galería Borghese, con la oportunidad de explorar su fascinantes jardines!

Visita Privada guiada a la Maravillosa Galería Borghese de Roma Lo más destacado: 

  • Contempla las obras maestras de grandes autores italianos de la talla de Rafael, Tiziano y Bernini
  • Disfruta de un maravilloso tour por la Galería Borghese y los bellos jardines de la villa
  • Un singular tour para descubrir el arte, la historia y la cultura en un entorno romántico
  • El tour llevará un guía profesional que te proporcionará una información valiosa y te contará las leyendas y anécdotas que rodean las obras expuestas
  • La colección privada más importante del mundo: ¡la Galería Borghese de Roma!

Visita Privada guiada a la Maravillosa Galería Borghese de Roma

Te damos una oportunidad única de explorar la Galería Borghese de Roma como nunca antes. Te ofrecemos un singular tour privado de la colección de arte privada más importante del mundo, una oportunidad de descubrir a los más famosos maestros de Italia.

Descubre Villa Borghese, un maravilloso parque en el corazón de Roma

Villa Borghese alberga la conocida Galería Borghese, una de las más importantes atracciones turísticas de Roma. Aquí están expuestas las esculturas de Bernini o las pinturas de Rafael, Tiziano, Caravaggio y otros, formando una fascinante colección de arte, única en el mundo.

Una visita privada para descubrir las obras maestras de la Galería Borghese

Con una historia de casi 500 años, la propia Villa Borghese es una obra de arte, un oasis de cultura y un entorno romántico en el corazón de Roma. Esta es una de las excursiones más gratificantes e interesantes de Roma. Nuestro tour te dará acceso privado a la galería dirigido por un guía profesional. Aprenderás mucho sobre la historia de esta colección y sobre las magníficas obras de arte, una singular ventana al pasado de Roma.

Admira este fascinante parque y sus museos mundiamente famosos

Entre las cosas inolvidables que puedes hacer en Roma, la Galería y la Villa Borghese se cuentan entre las mejores, y nuestro tour proporciona la ocasión perfecta para descubrir estas singulares atracciones. No esperes en linea y entre en el mundo de la belleza y el romanticismo, guiado por las salas de incalculable valor por nuestro guía experto. El tour incluye también la oportunidad de explorar los encantadores Jardines Borghese, un precioso e inmenso parque inglés lleno de plantas, lagos, villas y otros monumentos.

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Reseñas de Tour Privado a una de las galerías mas importantes de Roma: La Galería Borghese

Reviewed by MN_612_MPLS from United States


We and our young kids loved touring the Vatican Museum and Borghese Gallery with our guide Sara. She has a degree in art history, and an infectious enthusiasm that captivates children and parents alike. We also enjoyed a walking tour around the monuments and neighborhoods of central Rome, and it was great to have the same guide for 3 separate tours. Sara is a native of Rome, speaks perfect English, and is skilled at teaching visitors about the language and customs of her colorful city (including as many Italian words you can digest along with all the other exciting learning).
Reviewed by Joan S from

Exceeded all Expectations

Visiting Rome for the 5th time and being a tourist guide myself I went with a specific goal. I wanted to walk in Caravaggio's footsteps. I booked 3 private tours with them: an extended tour of the Vatican(4hrs) and 2 tours concentrating on Caravaggio: Borghese Gallery and In the Footsteps of Caravaggio. Stefania Pistone was our guide and after two days of intensive touring with her I can say that I learnt more than in my 4 previous visits to the city. Her in-depth knowledge about art and Caravaggio and her impeccable delivery were second to none. She also delved into the masterpieces of Bernini, Michelangelo and Raphael describing each piece meticulously as we went along. She made it so interesting that she captivated our attention from beginning to end but without being overbearing. Her recommendations regarding restaurants were such a help. She provided a map indicating genuine eateries serving traditional Roman food. Thank you Stefania for such a memorable experience. You surely exceeded my very high expectations.
Reviewed by catherinejuls from United States

Villa Borghese Tour

My family's trip to Rome certainly was not our first, but we were delighted to find that we still have so much more to learn and see in Rome, and for that we have Katie to thank. Our first trip inside the Villa Borghese completely surpassed our high expectations with our guide to tell us the stories harbored within the pieces at the Villa - it was no shock she has a degree in Art History. She was thoroughly engaging, knowledgable, and made the tour an unforgettable experience. If you ever wish to experience a Bernini sculpture to the fullest, it would be best to have Katie at your side to point out not only the the minute details and precision of the piece, but also the historical context and, if applicable, literary significance. She exuded the charisma and knowledge of that you would associated with your favorite college professor. I wish I had taken notes.
Reviewed by Robin166 from United States

The Borghese Gallery with Katie

Katie took us on the grand tour of the Borghese Gallery. The destination is a must-see and Katie is the must-have guide. Visits to the Borghese Gallery are limited to two hours and Katie made sure that we understood the most important pieces and saw everything. She is passionate about the art and completely charming. She is an American ex-pat and shared her love of Rome during the trip from our hotel and a parting stroll through the Borghese Gardens. We met Katie just three hours after arriving in Rome and it was an outstanding start.