Tour del Chianti con Elaboración de Vino en Fiat 500 de época

Tour del Chianti con Elaboración de Vino en Fiat 500 de época

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We would definitely recommend this incredible experience

Nancy K

Conduce un Fiat 500 clásico en Chianti con elaboración de vino

Participa en esta increible experiencia de la campiña Toscana en un Fiat 500 de época.Visita una antigua villa durante la vendimia, participa en esta tradición de elaboración de vino de Toscana:un tour desde Florencia con degustación de comida&vino![El tour esta disponible de Sep. a mitad de Oct

Excursión alrededor del Chianti con Elaboración de Vino en Fiat 500 de época Lo más destacado: 

  • Explora la campiña de la Toscana en otoño, durante la época de recogida de la uva
  • Conduce un Fiat 500 de época a través de los excepcionales paisajes de la Toscana
  • Visita una antigua villa Toscana y participa en la vendimia
  • Aprende cómo se elabora el famoso vino de la Toscana y entra en acción
  • Disfruta un almuerzo tradicional de la Toscana en la piscina y relájate mientras degustas el vino

Excursión alrededor del Chianti con Elaboración de Vino en Fiat 500 de época

Descubre uno de los lugares más hermosos de la Tierra en su época cumbre, conduciendo un verdadero Fiat 500 de época. Explora la campiña Toscana durante la estación mágica del año cuando todos están ocupados en los viñedos recogiendo las uvas y convirtiéndolas en el delicioso vino de la Toscana.

Conduce un Fiat 500 en la hermosa Toscana!

Tendrás la oportunidad única de participar y entrar en acción en esta actividad ancestral, descubriendo el origen del maravilloso vino famoso en todo el mundo, observando sus secretos y creación con tus propios ojos.
Nuestro exclusivo tour desde Florencia está dedicado a los coches italianos, la Toscana y su patrimonio. La experiencia comienza en la impresionante Florencia, súbete a un fascinante Fiat 500 de época y dirígete a las afueras de la ciudad donde podrás descubrir la auténtica campiña de Chianti, sus románticas carreteras típicas y las pintorescas vistas.

Visita una auténtica villa del siglo XV

Después conducirás hacia la antigua villa Toscana del siglo XV  donde hemos ideado la actividad perfecta en la Toscana. El enólogo jefe de en los viñedos le llevará a  la cosecha de las uvas y experimentarás lo que significa ser un enólogo. A continuación, llevarás las uvas a la zona de prensa.
La verdadera diversión comienza cuando entras en acción. El increíble tour de elaboración del vino de la Toscana continúa con la tradicional técnica de pisada de la uva, en la que puedes participar y con los pies descalzos pisar las uvas que acabas de recoger. Este es un antiguo arte, hoy el vino se elabora con modernas máquinas y prensas, así que también puedes observar estas, conociendo mejor esta fascinante profesión.

Degusta la deliciosa comida y el vino típico de la Toscana

La experiencia Toscana desde Florencia continúa con una visita a las bodegas y a continuación un delicioso picnic de la Toscana en la piscina de la villa. Esto se acompañará con un vino y degustación de aceite de oliva

Más experiencias en el Fiat 500 de época

También podrías estar interesado en el  Tour de la Toscana en Fiat 500 de época con picnic y vinos o en el Tour Privado en un Fiat 500 con Cena Romántica.
Para una experiencia más relajante y exclusiva en su lugar podría interesarte nuestro  Tour de Degustación de Vino en Fiat 500 de época en las Colinas de Chianti!

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Reseñas de Tour del Chianti con Elaboración de Vino en Fiat 500 de época

Reviewed by TallulahLondon_UK from United Kingdom

Fun and memorable trip

We did the wine making and tasting tour in October. It was lots of fun and a great opportunity to chat to other people and take in the scenery, eat delicious food, taste wine and drive these lovely little cars. The driving part is really just to have fun, you won't learn much about what you are seeing in the Tuscan hills so not a tour as such, but you will enjoy it. Also, take note of what they say on the website, if you are not comfortable driving a manual car you may struggle! It does take a bit of getting used to, but the guide (David) was very relaxed and patient with everyone. Highly recommended for a relaxing day out of the city.
Reviewed by ipablo1 from United States

One Of Our Favorite Tours!

Driving through the countryside of Tuscany has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, so this was a tour I definitely wanted to try during my first trip to Europe. My husband found this tour through the internet and signed us up. David was our tour guide and we had a small group of 7 people, which was the perfect size for an intimate experience. The vintage Fiats were beautifully maintained and the experience of riding them is unforgettably fun. Just know you have to be an experienced manual stick driver to drive them. The opportunity to stomp on actual Italian grapes at the Villa Le Piazzole was definitely the highlight of the day! Another bucket list item checked off during this tour. The villa was also beautiful and the lunch we had in their wine cellar was so delicious and impressively set up.
Reviewed by Christine B from United States

Guaranteed to be a treasured memory

I did the "wine-making tour" with my younger sister and it was unforgettable! We zipped around Florence in our little yellow Fiat, Jacamo, in a caravan of three other cars. Our guide, David, was charismatic and very knowledgable. We made several stops at scenic overlooks before heading to the villa for the wine-making portion of the trip. Then we got to have our "I Love Lucy" moment and stomp on the grapes! Unfortunately we did not get to meet the wine maker or pick the grapes since it had been raining and the ground was very muddy. But that did not take away from the tour. The lunch, provided in wine cellar of the villa, was delicious -- as was the villa wine and homemade olive oil that accompanied it. David told us all about the vineyard and our group swapped travel stories as we munched our fresh bruschetta, proscioutto, pasta, liver pate and cheese. At no point did the tour seem forced, boring or awkward. The whole thing was an exciting adventure from start to finish! It's an incredible memory -- don't miss out on this opportunity!!
Reviewed by Nancy K from United States

Love those little cars!

We did the wine making tour and it was quite a memorable experience! We started by selecting our little car, Roberto. Now Roberto was a bit unpredictable, but overall once you get to know him you can't help but love him. We had a great fun tour driving through the hills in a parade of colorful cars. This was great fun and everyone seemed to be enjoying riding and tooting their horns. Then we picked some grapes in a vineyard and had a short lesson on how wine is made. We did get to stomp on some grapes in a wine barrel, which was fun and then on to a great lunch and wine tasting, poolside at the winery. The wines were good, the food was regional and quite good and the company was fantastic. We all enjoyed the experience and had a great time. Roberto died on the final hill to the winery and we ended up walking up the hill, but he got a second wind and we were able to drive back to the garage. Everyone was rooting for him so I think that helped! We would definitely recommend this incredible experience, viva Roberto!