Un día en Emilia Romagna desde Florencia: Ferrari, Fico Eataly y Bolonia

Un día en Emilia Romagna desde Florencia: Ferrari, Fico Eataly y Bolonia

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Small group (8) of enthusiasts enjoyed a great day out

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Visita del Museo de Ferrari y degustaciòn de vinagre balsamico y de queso parmesano

Prepárate para un tour exclusivo desde Florencia: sumérjete en el mundo de los coches rápidos con un tour del museo Ferrari en Maranello y a continuación disfrutarás del los producotos locales y de Bolonia! 

Excursión de un dìa desde Florencia a Emilia Romagna Lo más destacado: 

  • Explora el mundo de Ferrari: descubre los secretos de la fábrica de autos màs famosa del mundo!
  • Visita el museo y la fábrica en Maranello
  • Prueba algunos productos locales como el tan conocido "Parmigiano Reggiano"
  • Sumérjete en el verdadero mundo de las genuinas marcas italianas y descubre el "Made in Italy" en un solo dìa
  • Sal desde Florencia en total relax y disfruta de un dìa entre cultura y sabores auténticos

Excursión de un dìa desde Florencia a Emilia Romagna

Entra en el mundo de los genuinos productos italianos, símbolos de Italia y ùnete a una de las actividades más emocionantes que experimentar desde Florencia! Si Italia tiene algo mundialmente conocido, son los coches rápidos, la buena comida y la moda. Participa a un exclusivo tour de la Toscana, que combinará algunas de estas experiencias!

Un tour que te permitirá conocer algunos de los mejores productos Italianos

Este tour te dará un nivel sin precedentes de la diversidad  de productos italianos, desde la visita a la fábrica de Ferrari en Maranello al la descubierta de algunos productos locales, como el vinagre balsámico de Módena y el exquisito queso Parmigiano Reggiano. Todas estas actividades en un solo tour te proporcionarán una gran excitación, sin duda un tour por la Italia auténtica!
Saliendo desde Florencia en pleno comfort, podràs disfrutar de un dìa en la maravillosa Emilia Romagna, para descubrir el "Made in Italy" en su totalidad.

Visita Maranello y el Museo de Ferrari para disfrutar una experiencia Inolvidable

Comienza con una visita a Maranello, el templo de los coches de Ferrari donde podrás admirar la marca el Cavallino Rampante y coches estupendos, fotografías, trofeos y mucho más. También podrás experimentar lo que significa trabajar en Ferrari y fabricar un coche.

Descubre la comida y vino típico de Italia

Después, tendrás tiempo libre para visitar el "Fico Eataly World", el parque de alimentos más grande del mundo. Fico significa "Fábrica Italiana Contandina" y es un espacio de exhibición destinado a contar todo el proceso de creación de la cultura gastronómica italiana, la más famosa del mundo. Puedes conocer algunos de los productos tradicionales de la zona, como el vinagre balsámico de Módena o el queso Parmigiano-Reggiano. 

Visita Bolonia

El día en Emilia Romagna terminará en belleza con una visita libre a la capital regional, Bolonia. Tendrás tiempo libre para pasear por las elegantes calles del centro de la ciudad y descubrir las principales atracciones, como la Piazza Maggiore y la imponente Catedral de San Petronio. Al final de su caminata a Bolonia, regresará a Florencia.

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Reseñas de Un día en Emilia Romagna desde Florencia: Ferrari, Fico Eataly y Bolonia

Reviewed by lovetowineanddine from United States

An awesome day in Maranello

This was one of the best tours we took on our honeymoon. Our guide was just fantastic for this full day tour, and as it turns out quite a car buff himself. Really a very nice fellow. First he took us to Ferrari. I admit I was like a kid in a Hot Wheels factory. I drove a Ferrari F430 and even got a video of the drive and certificate to take home. Next came the Ferrari museum. My wife had to drag me out. It was just great. Two things here. Do NOT miss the opportunity to drive the Ferrari and get the video. You will not regret it, I promise. Second thing, try the F1 simulator in the Ferrari museum. It's hard, but a blast. Next they took us for a three course lunch. It was a really good lunch of local foods and a very interesting (and dangerous) chilled sparkling red wine. Never heard of it? Neither had I, but darn was it good. After lunch was a tour of a farm that made Balsamic Vinegar. We were there in season so we got to witness the entire process and learn what makes for a great Balsamic. This tour ended with a tasting of the different vinegars. A note here is to definitely buy some to bring home. The balsamic vinegar that you buy in the grocery store or from Epicure is garbage by comparison. It really is that good and we learned that there is definitely a difference in the age of good Balsamic vinegars. The final stop was a farm that makes fresh Parmigiano Reggiano. I really do mean fresh. The cows are right outside the door. This tour explained in great detail how the cheese was made, stored and aged. We learned how to test it and then got to taste it. Again, bring home some one and three year old samples. It is the best Parmigiano you'll ever eat. Finally we took a quick tour of the barns to see the cows and process. We were very fortunate to be able to play with a calf that had just been born 30 minutes before we got to the barns. We learned so much on this tour, experienced so much and had a fantastic time. It may seem pricey compared to other tours but I assure you they give excellent value and if you participate fully it will be an experience you'll never forget.
Reviewed by Micheal G from Australia

Ferrari tour

The day tour to Ferrari with Alejandro was fantastic. We had a small group with a small comfortable van.Alejandro was very accomodating, funny, knew a lot about the area and its history. The lunch was delicious and the visits to the balsamic vinegar producer and the cheese producers were great and fascinating.The ferrari museum was a petrol heads dream come true. The biggest highlight was the test drive of the ferrari of course. All up we would highly recommend this tour
Reviewed by Danny W from Colombia

the world of ferrari and good food

traveling aboard a comfortable bus we arrived in Maranello where we attendevono for us to visit the city and their factory museum ferrari, we could see many car models also Formula One and the brand new ferrari. Our guide alejandro has also led us to visit the country house where a family has been producing balsamica vinegar black we tasted with the cheese , lunch pasta with Italian sausage and red wine, in return we stopped to see a farm tractor with parmesan cheese and cows. all great thanks to the kindness of all the staff of the agency we could daydream in a world ferrari and good food.
Reviewed by bibbycat from Australia

Ferrari Day Tour

Small group (8) of enthusiasts enjoyed a great day out with My Tour. Our tour guide - Alejandro - was sensational. Tour consisted of all things Ferrari in the morning and then branched too Balsamic Vinegar and Parma Cheese (although this also turned into an amazing private collection of cars, tractors and motorbikes including Maserati's, Lamborghini, Mercedes and others). Alejandro made sure everyone was taken care of on the tour including giving non drivers of the Ferraris the chance to ride (very fast) in one. Some of the guys had paid extra to drive the cars. For non drivers, including my 11 year old son, they were positively shaking with excitement after their drive. Lunch was in a small Trattoria and included bread, pasta, rabbit, meats, limoncello, Nutella etc and included red and white wine and soft drinks and was excellent. We bought an optional tour of the Ferrari factory and race track which was ok but wouldn't be fussed if missed as really didn't see that much. The Ferrari museum included in trip however was fabulous! Given was a small group we travelled in a mini-bus. For those not familiar with Italian driving - do not sit anywhere in front where you can see the traffic.