Lección de cocina en una villa en el Chianti para grupos reducidos VIP

Lección de cocina en una villa en el Chianti para grupos reducidos VIP

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Clase de cocina en el Chianti para grupos recudidos VIP

Aprende a cocinar como los italianos en esta clase de cocina VIP en Florencia. Empieza haciendo compras en el tradicional mercado de Florencia y, a continuación, aprende a hacer una deliciosa pasta que saborearás con vinos en una auténtica villa del Chianti.

Clase de cocina en una villa en el Chianti en grupo reducido VIP Lo más destacado: 

  • Exclusiva experiencia en Florencia, que incluye una clase de cocina en una villa del Chianti
  • Clase de cocina VIP con un auténtico chef italiano
  • Aprende a elaborar comidas toscanas tradicionales con esta singular clase de cocina
  • Saborea los productos tradicionales y tres de los mejores vinos de la Toscana
  • Descubre la verdadera cultura gastronómica del Chianti y su espléndida campiña

Clase de cocina en una villa en el Chianti en grupo reducido VIP

Aprender a cocinar en Florencia como un auténtico italiano está entre las mejores experiencias que se puedan hacer. En esta exclusiva clase de cocina aprenderás cómo elaborar deliciosos platos toscanos. 

Empieza tu tour con una visita al mercado de granjeros de Florencia

Esta experiencia en grupo pequeño empieza con una visita a un mercado de Florencia*, donde tendrás la oportunidad de buscar, elegir y comprar los más frescos y típicos ingredientes para una verdadera comida toscana. También podrás descubrir más sobre la cultura local de Florencia y hacer la compra como la hacen los florentinos: podrás probar los productos típicos y comprar, bajo la guía del chef, los productos orgánicos que necesitarás para la clase de cocina.
Después de la compra, la clase de cocina tendrá lugar a poca distancia del centro (llegarás comodamente en minivan), en una auténtica villa de la región del Chianti, en uno de los entornos más encantadores que puedas imaginar.
*Por favor, ten en cuenta que cuando el mercado está cerrado (los domingos y festivos) se hará una visita especial a una granja orgánica de Chianti.

Aprende más sobre la cocina Toscana de la mano del chef

En primer lugar, podrás explorar el huerto de la villa, elegir los vegetales de temporada, capturándolos directamente de las plantas. Luego, el chef te llevará por el fascinante mundo de la cocina toscana y florentina, enseñándote a cocinar como un italiano. Durante la clase de cocina en una Villa del Chianti, aprenderás a elaborar varios platos, dependiendo de la temporada, pero normalmente incluye dos diferentes tipos de pasta casera y el postre.
A continuación, tendrás la oportunidad de degustar tus mismos platos con de tres vinos diferentes. Terminarás este magnífico día con una visita a una pequeña bodega local, donde aprenderás los secretos de la tradición histórica de la producción de vino toscano. Luego volverás a casa con un pequeño libro de cocina.
Por favor, ten en cuenta que cuando el mercado está cerrado (los domingos y festivos) se hará una visita especial a una granja orgánica de Chianti.

Más eXPeriencias de Florencia

¡Si te gusta este tipo de eXPerience también te puede interesar la Exclusiva Cena en casa de un Chef de Florencia o la Academia del Vino de Florencia!

Reseñas de Lección de cocina en una villa en el Chianti para grupos reducidos VIP

Reviewed by TexasTravelsWorld from United States

FlorenceTown cooking class

My husband and I took the cooking class and the result was one of the best meals we had while in Italy! We made pasta, ravioli, and tiramisu. The walk through the market was very educational and I wish we had gone through the market again on our own but left Florence the next day. I highly recommend doing this tour if you are interested in doing something a bit off the beaten path and want to learn a little about traditional italian cooking. Even if you are not passionate about cooking, which I am not, I thoroughly enjoyed the cooking class and would do it again. My husband who loves to cook was completely wowed by the experience.
Reviewed by stranger_and_pilgrim from South Africa

FlorenceTown Cooking Tour

The VIP Cooking Class was really fantastic !! Giuseppe was our chef and teacher and first took us to the Market where we learned a great deal about the local ingredients, and then took a trip of about an hour out to a Villa in the countryside. During the class we learned to make Tiramisu and Pappardelle Pasta - and a meat sauce to go with it. Each person got to contribute to the making of each of the dishes in some way or another. At the end we all sat down and ate our handy-works - which were simply delicious. Giuseppe was a wonderful host - very witty and he definitely knows what he is doing, so he is also a superb teacher. I can highly recommend the VIP cooking tour.
Reviewed by Traci L from United States

Fun and delicious cooking class!

My husband and I took this class on our honeymoon. I love to cook but do not have much experience with cooking italian food from scratch. There were about 15 people in the group, all there to have a good time while learning a bit. No one took themselves too seriously, which was nice. Our host Alex walked us through the big Central Market and talked a bit about typical tuscan food. We also bought our ingredients for the delicious lunch we were about to make at the market. We then sat down at our stations and made tiramisu and homemade pasta that would be made into both cheese raviolis and a Tagliatelle with Meat sauce. We were very impressed with ourselves - it was all absolutely delicious. I struggled with making my pasta dough and Alex was very patient and helpful as I was getting somewhat frustrated (my husband was having NO trouble at all). The other chef, Julio, was also great. We sipped red wine and tasted bruschetta and crostinis with fresh pesto. So good. The day really did last from 10 to 3:30 or so but it was fast-moving and fun. HIghly recommended!
Reviewed by Suzy S from United States

Totally worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My husband and I took a train from Rome to Florence just for this cooking class. Little known fact: I'm a chef from the US and waited to let the instructor know until the end of class- I'm pretty critical when it comes to cooking classes, and this class blew my mind! We ended up taking the VIP cooking Class in a noble villa with our super friendly and knowledgeable chef that grew up on an olive press. We had a very intimate experience in a gorgeous villa, breath taking views of the Chianti hills, and made the most incredible authentic food that we dreamed of making when we signed up for this class. The tour started with a local tour of the farmers market, where we bought truffles, spices, and dried porcini mushrooms then took a van up the Chianti hills to the most breathtaking villa. There we ended up first having a combination of an olive oil tasting, fresh cheeses, dried meats, and incredible wine. Then we learned how to make ragu, pasta, enudi, sabayon, and properly dressed caprese salad. Overall we had a delicious and life changing experience in the chianti hills in Florence and it was all due to our amazing chef with florencetown tours. Thank you so much for teaching us how to make a proper red sauce- we haven't stopped cooking traditional tuscan/ florence cuisine since we've been back in town!