Tour de Tivoli con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa dEste desde Roma

Tour de Tivoli con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa d'Este desde Roma

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Our tour was amazing!

Rebecca N
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Excursión desde Roma para visitar Tivoli y sus villas en medio día

Acompáñanos en un tour perfecto desde Roma a Tivoli, donde visitarás en medio dia dos de las más importantes residencias históricas de Italia, Villa d’Este y Villa Adriana. Una excursión en grupo a estos increíbles lugares históricos, llenos de tesoros escondidos que nuestro guía te mostrará.

Paseo a Tivoli con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa d'Este desde Roma Lo más destacado: 

  • Únete a nosotros en un gratificante tour con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa d'Este desde Roma para descubrir la fascinante zona de Tivoli.
  • Descubrirás y aprenderás más sobre la enorme y lujosa Villa Adriana.
  • Una forma única de ver los bellos campos de alrededor de Roma.
  • Una reveladora visita a la que fuera residencia del Emperador Adriano (Villa Adriana), reflejo de la historia de la Antigua Roma.
  • Una experiencia memorable al visitar la Villa d'Este y sus bellos jardines, un ejemplo de la espléndida arquitectura renacentista.

Paseo a Tivoli con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa d'Este desde Roma

Nuestros autobuses parten por la mañana desde Roma y te llevarán a Tivoli para visitar dos de las más bellas villas de Italia - Villa d'Este y Villa Adriana.

Descubre Tívoli y sus impresionantes Villas

Tendrás tiempo de explorar estas grandiosas villas acompañado de las explicaciones de nuestros muy preparados guías profesionales. Las visitas están disponibles bilingue en Español/Inglés y Alemán/Frances, en grupos separados.
Este tour de medio día desde Roma es verdaderamente una de las mejores experiencias que uno puede tener en la Italia rural. La zona de Tívoli cercana a Roma está considerada como una auténtica y fascinante zona natural, dotada de palacios y villas que merece la pena visitar.

Un tour de medio día desde Roma para visitar Villa d'Este y sus cascadas

Nuestro guía te contará la historia, anécdotas y evolución de estas increíbles villas. Villa d'Este está considerada como uno de los edificios mas cautivadores del Renacimiento Italiano. Fue el hogar del hijo de Lucrezia Borgia, y es famoso sobre todo por sus espectaculares jardines y árboles, así como sus fuentes y cascadas.

Desplázate a Villa Adriana para admirar una villa de la Antigua Roma

A continuación, conduciremos a Villa Adriana para hacer un tour por este impresionante lugar. Esta es la villa más lujosa de Italia, enriquecida con increíbles palacios imperiales, templos, teatros, balnearios y piscinas.
El tour desde Roma dura unas cinco horas en total entre la salida desde Roma y el retorno al punto de encuentro. El transporte se realizará en un cómodo autobús con aire acondicionado.

Otras formas de explorar Tivoli

Si quieres visitar Tivoli a la vez que eXPeriencias algo más privado e íntimo, puede que te interese nuestro Tour Privado de Tivoli, ideal para todos aquellos que quieren descubrir los tesoros de Tivoli de una forma única y exclusiva.

Reseñas de Tour de Tivoli con acceso a Villa Adriana y Villa d'Este desde Roma

Reviewed by Stacey T. from


It was truly magnificent seeing so much amazing history as we walked through both villas. Our tour guide was a local from tivoli and had such an insight to these beautiful grounds. Not to be missed.
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

History at its best

We had a wonderful half day visiting these sites with our guide for the day being Benjamin. He was both knowledgeable and humorous, making our day very entertaining. Benjamin has a passion for these sites that shines through with his commentary. We were so glad that we got to see both these amazing places of history and would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to explore outside the town of Rome.
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

The Fantastic Mr. Fabio!

What an enriching tour this was: my thanks to our extremely knowledgeable and friendly guide, Mr. Fabio! He is excellent on the subject of art and architectural history. He also had a unique, gentle way of talking to each tourist about where they were from and customizing his commentary accordingly. The introduction to Roman architecture began as soon as we sat on the bus, with Mr. Fabio pointing out important remaining Roman structures. Tivoli is about 45 minutes away. Hadrian’s Villa is a complex built by the well-travelled Roman emperor Hadrian (who also constructed the Pantheon and Castel Sant Angelo). Mr. Fabio took us on a 90 minute walking tour through the main sites including the poecile, the three-semicircular dining rooms, the cento camerelle, the great baths, the canopus, the praetorium and the winter palace. In each site, he pointed out the function of the various structures, the architectural attributes and remains and showed and described before and after pictures. Because we did this tour BEFORE we explored ruins in Rome, we were able to appreciate ancient Roman architecture that much more, because we did this tour. Villa d’Este is an example of early Renaissance gardens, and inspired garden design throughout Europe. It is truly spectacular and a must-see. We were given about an hour and fifteen minutes here. Mr. Fabio took us through the main rooms of the villa and pointed out the most notable works. Then he gave us a map and led us down to the first level of the gardens, at the Oval Fountain, from where we were free to explore on our own. The garden is terraced, and you can choose to climb down to all levels or see the gardens from above. We chose the latter, because we felt we would not be able to make it back up to the bus in time otherwise – and because you can pretty much soak in the magnificence of the gardens from one or two levels! If you want however, you could go down and see the Neptune fountain and the fountain of the Organ, which plays a tune at 12:30 p.m. On the ride back, the guide and driver graciously talked to tourists about what they wanted to do next, and dropped each tourist to the closest landmark. We reached Rome by 1:30 p.m. I have read some reviews complaining about insufficient time in each place. I disagree with these reviews. Of course, one could well spend half a day exploring Hadrian’s Villa and another half leisurely exploring the gardens. But if you want to do so, take a full day tour. I would assume those taking the half day tour are doing so due to time constraints. This tour gives you all you need to appreciate the splendor of an ancient Roman villa, and the magnificence of a Renaissance terraced garden. Did we see every building and fountain? No. Would we have liked to? Sure. But then we would have to spare at least a full day to do so. We were very happy with the content and timing of this trip, and recommend this highly.
Reviewed by An ItalyXP customer from

Hadrian's Villa

a very informative tour guide, who made the place come alive and our trip so memorable, would use them again