Vintage Shopping Tour with Personal Shopper and Stylist

Vintage Shopping Tour with Personal Shopper and Stylist

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Vintage Shopping Tour con Asistente de compras y consultor de imagen

With this shopping tour you will explore the most characteristic Vintage clothing stores of Florence. In addition, our Personal Shoppers & Stylist will help you find the clothing style that best suits you. A journey in the heart of the vintage fashion, unique both in style and in price!

Vintage Shopping : Actividad con Asistente de compras y consultor de imagen Lo más destacado: 

  • The ideal tour for those who love the authentic retro style.
  • Let our Personal Shopper guide you in search of the rarest vintage clothes.
  • Rediscover the style of the past, so full of originality and high quality.
  • A tour through the most picturesque streets of Florence!
  • Enjoy a day just for you! The best Vintage boutiques await you.

Vintage Shopping : Actividad con Asistente de compras y consultor de imagen

 “Vintage” is a lifestyle, a way of being that feeds on romance and love for the past. And Florence is undoubtedly the ideal city to look for this kind of style... Besides, in which other Italian city can you breathe more romance than in Florence? Join us in search of the most characteristic retro shops in the city: enchanting places for vintage lovers (and not only for them!). 

A shopping experience in the centre of Florence 

Let our Personal Shopper & Image Consultant, expert and friendly, guide you on this journey through fashion. You will discover all the unique and characteristic shops and you will find out how this city is so deeply imbued with the vintage style.

Visit the best Florence's boutique together with a personal shopper

The personal advice of our Personal Shopper will help you to avoid making purchases that you might regret in the future, and will give you the opportunity to invest in the right purchases.
And not only will show you the most beautiful and interesting places where to go crazy with your purchases, but will also guide you in choosing the one that is best suited to your style and to your characteristics.

Discover te best vintage shops of the centre of Florence

Whether you are looking for an item of clothing or a single accessory, or whether you are a vintage lover looking for a personalized clothing style, unique and inimitable, this is the perfect shopping tour for you! 
But even for those who may be approaching for the first time at the Vintage style, and maybe want to discover this fascinating world, our Personal Shopper & Image Consultant will be with you to guide you properly! Do not miss this unique shopping tour: an opportunity to take a trip back in time, through fashion, art and good taste. 

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