Guided Tour of the Herculaneum ruins, departing from Sorrento

Guided Tour of the Herculaneum ruins, departing from Sorrento

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Guided Tour of the Herculaneum ruins, departing from Sorrento

Embark on a half-day excursion from Sorrento to Herculaneum, a snapshot in time that is well-preserved by the volcanic mud and ash which rained down upon it in 79 A.D., amid the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. See the remnants of this residential coastal town as it continues to undergo excavation.

Enjoy a day tour from Sorrento to the ancient Roman city of Herculaneum
Visit the grand Villa of the Papyri, a lavish town residence
Admire the art-filled walls of the Central Thermae, the famous public baths
Walk in the ancient, well-preserved streets of Hercualneum
Listen to a professional tour guide that will enlighten the story of Herculaneum

Nestled on the coast near Sorrento is the ancient town of Herculaneum, a moment frozen in time which is a must-see for anyone interested in historic Italy. Your half-day tour departing from Sorrento will lead you through this lesser-known town which, according to myth, was built by Hercules himself.

Discover Herculaneum on this day tour from Sorrento 

Herculaneum is an archaeological marvel which remains exceptionally preserved by superheated pyroclastic material from the famous eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Visit this ancient site and stand in awe at the many buildings that had been buried in ash and preserved for hundreds of years, until the town's discovery in 1709.
Our convenient coach service will depart from Sorrento in the morning and travel along the coast toward Naples. Collect your complementary headsets while we drive. Once we arrive at Herculaneum, your professional tour guide will welcome you and will start the guided visit of the archaeological site.

Admire the ruins of Herculaneum, one of the best preserved areas in Campania

Our time at Herculaneum begins with a breathaking view of the town from above. After desceding into the town itself, we will begin our revelry in this archaeological wonder. Walking amid the buildings, we can admire them in their original structure as the Romans did more than two millenia before us.
The past is so well-preserved in Herculaneum that we will see relics such as clay pots, still stored as they were when the volcano erupted. Herculaneum was a wealthier town than Pompeii. Though some skeletons lie amonst the luxurious remins, the mood of the town is not as somber as that of Pompeii, since it is believed that most residents of Herculaneum successfully fled the eruption.

Walk in the streets of Herculaneum together with a professional tour guide 

Your expert guide will make history come alive while taking you through the town's most important sites. You'll pass by archaic shops and visit the public baths, complete with ornate frescoes and mosaics. We'll pay a visit to the magnificent four-tiered Villa of the Papyri, which boasts the only library to have survived from antiquity.
You won't want to miss this day tour of remarkable Herculaneum, a long-studied site lying in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius. Our professional tour guide will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience in one of the best-preserved towns from the time of the Romans. Book your tour today and reserve your chance to bask in this incredible remnant of a bygone era.

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  • Guided tour of Herculaneum
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Please note, this tour is only available from April to October.
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