Ecotour: 5-Days trip to Discover the amazing region of Apulia by E-bike

5-Days Tour to Discover the amazing region of Apulia by E-bike

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Ecotour: 5-Days adventure to Discover the amazing region of Apulia by E-bike

Enjoy the beauty of Apulia, a place where culture, history, and nature blend, creating some of the most amazing tourist attractions in this area. This 5-day tour offers you the chance to visit Alberobello, Martina Franca, Matera, the Adriatic Coast, and immerse in a unique experience. 

Ecotour: 5-Days trip to Discover the amazing region of Apulia by E-bike highlights: 

  • Visit plenty of World Heritages, such as the ancient town of Alberobello
  • Delight in the view of 1500 trulli – ancient buildings of stone
  • Stroll through Martina Franca and enjoy the unique blending of medieval Angevin architecture with the splendor of Baroque
  • Visit a historic farm, where you have the chance to learn more about the traditional cuisine of the region, while tasting mozzarella and other types of cheese
  • Discover the archeological sites and astonishing views of the Adriatic Coast, while enjoying an e-bike trip here

Day 1: Alberobello

This 5-day tour starts with your arrival in Alberobello at the hotel. You will meet your tour guide at the hotel reception, and he/she will present you the program of the holiday.
After dinner, you will enjoy “Trulli in the moonlight” walk in the ancient town of Alberobello, a World Heritage UNESCO site which offers you a breathtaking view. Trulli are ancient, conical buildings made of stone, specific for central and southern Puglia.

Day 2: From Alberobello to Martina Franca

In the second day of the holiday, you will discover the Itria Vally by traveling with e-bikes, in a comfortable manner. This portion of Murgia is famous for the natural and architectural landscape, but also for the food and wine traditions. While riding the electrical bikes, you can immerse in the breathtaking scenery that will surround you, which is characterized by dry stone walls and huge oak trees.
In Martina Franca, you have the chance to admire an astonishing mixture of medieval Angevin architecture and Baroque style. Plenty of churches and squares, as well as ancient homes,  contribute to the uniqueness of the village. Here, you will also visit the Basilica S. Martino, Palazzo Ducale, and other monuments.
Our next stop is to another historical farm, where we will take a traditional light lunch, prepared with natural ingredients. For cuisine lovers, this visit will mean a deeper understanding of Puglinese gastronomy.
Locorontondo is the next beautiful Italian village we will visit, where you can also admire the “cummerse”, houses built of stone. In the afternoon, we will go to a winery and enjoy a wine tasting.

Day 3: Day off

If you are a sea lover, we recommend you to visit Polignano a Mare.
Another significant tourist attraction is Matera, also known as the "Stone City" and "Underground City", the place of Sassi, a World Heritage Site. Matera is going to be the European Capital of Culture in 2019, so don’t miss this amazing city.

Day 4: The Adriatic Coast

After breakfast, you will enjoy a guided e-bike trip on the Adriatic coast, where we will visit Monopoli city with its cathedral dedicated to the Madonna della Madia, Crypt of Santa Maria Amalfitana, and Charles V Castle.
The millennial rock Church of St. Andrew and Procopio, the archaeological excavations of Egnatia, the ancient center Messapian, and the harbor of Savelletri are also included in our visiting program of the day.

Day 5: End of services

The fifth day of the tour represents the end of this amazing experience in Apulia

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